Mythic Adventure

Our Mythic Adventure programs allow participants to experience the excitement of being larger-than-life heroes adventuring in a variety of imaginative mythic settings.

Each session of our Mythic Adventure programs is individually tailored to appeal to the age level, unique interests or special needs of the assembled participants.

A Mythic Adventure can greatly enhance your next event or your organization's core curriculum.  

Our goal is to make Greek Mythology accessible, fun and exciting.

Activities  -   Fundraisers  -  Private Parties  -   Special Events

 Customized Programs  

Mythic Gateways to Adventure
You can experience our Mythic Adventure programs for FREE  at the Tenafly Public Library and the Cresskill Public Library. Themed books, or other media, are also given away to participants, or donated to local institutions, whenever we have them available.

Larger Than Life Living in the World Today

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