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(c) 1975-2017 Hercules Invictus

En route home from appropriating the Cattle of triple-bodied Geryon, his Tenth Labor, the Theban Hercules camped out near the Tiber River. There, he defeated a local monster, Cacus, who habitually stole random cattle from the vicinity and routinely committed vile atrocities. 

Afterwards, Hercules revitalized local trade by establishing a cattle market. This venture was successful and brought great prosperity to the region. A great altar, the Ara Maximus, was erected to honor him after he left.

Visiting Greeks honored him in their own way, and in time there were two altars, then two temples.

The Romans. who appropriated both the market and the temples, honored our hero as Hercules Invictus, Hercules Victor and Hercules Olivarius. 

Hercules was a benevolent power. After his apotheosis, he granted, among other favors, good fortune and success to commercial enterprises.

In antiquity, owning cattle was equated with having riches, and this still holds true in many parts of the world today. 

Prosperity Quest will chronicle my adventures in celebrating and increasing my own overall prosperity as well as that of my local community, and the world beyond.