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Age of Heroes

The Age of the Victim is finally over. The Age of Heroes has begun!

The Way of the Hero posits that one must utilize one’s individual strengths to make one’s world a better place. One need not be perfect, or operating from ideal circumstances either. Are not the heroes that inspire us often tragically flawed? Are their lives not in a state of flux and full of uncertainty? Does this prevent them from attempting, and accomplishing, great things?

Our Age of Heroes Initiatives have harnessed the creative energy and focused the attention of many heroic individuals with radically diverse backgrounds over the years, directing it towards improving the collective quality of human life. The Age of Heroes welcomes secular, Intrafaith and Interfaith participation.

As with the Argonaut expedition of old, the children of different (and sometimes warring) gods are invited to partner with exceptional mortals to face great challenges and accomplish something that really needs to get done.

In the early dawn of this new millennium (2000 – 2005) I partnered with individuals and organizations to stem the tide of the ever-growing Digital Divide in New York City. Our collective efforts led to a free Computer Drop-In Center in downtown Brooklyn and an innovative Intern/Extern/Volunteer Program called New Shores. Our adventures were chronicled though the e-radio show ‘Navigating the Digital Divide’, a comic strip in Big News, a few cliff-hanger tales on Psychjourney, presentations at conferences and an ‘Age of Heroes’ special episode in the third season of my fringe TV show.

From 2005 – 2014 the focus was much narrower. I Championed Literacy (Functional, Vocational, Cultural, Informational, Digital, Multicultural, Environmental) in rural Northeastern Pennsylvania and Northwestern New Jersey through my individual efforts, in partnership with my wife, through our Mythic 501(c) (2007 – 2013) and via coordinated, cooperative endeavors with local individuals and organizations. Local media and our website chronicled those adventures.

Now that our sojourn has returned us to Northeastern New Jersey and the Greater New York Metropolitan Area, I am inspired to dedicate myself to actualizing the ultimate Dream: manifesting Elysium in the here and now. Elysium is the Highest Heaven the mortal mind can conceive. The Elysium Project is the ultimate Quest for the Golden Fleece.

The Atlantis Project also serves our efforts in building Elysium. By exploring the legends and lore of the lost continent, we hope to learn from their epic triumphs and tragic mistakes.

I foresee this new round of activity as being our greatest adventure yet. If you find resonance with my words, and wish to learn more, please stay tuned. Our Quest will be chronicled right here on our website and in the pages of The Magic Happens (TMH). And the Call to Adventure will be sounded often, giving all who wish to take part in the Quest ample opportunity to do so.

You can meet all who have thus far heeded the call as Argonauts, and sit in on our Interfaith discussions, monthly on Voice of Olympus, one of our e-radio forums.

The Days of Yore may be far behind us, but before us a glorious new Golden Age yearns to be born!


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