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Far from being mere literary relics from a bygone age, the mythic impulses that existed in Greco-Roman antiquity are alive and well today. Indeed, they are thriving in the modern world.


The Olympic Games, instituted by Hercules to honor the Olympians, are now celebrated worldwide. Transpersonal psychologists have taught us to detect the Greek gods and monsters in our own psyches. Tale-tellers, using media undreamed of by our ancestors, still recount the past, present and future exploits of Hellenic deities, demigods, heroes and fabulous beasts. And Olympian Mythic Spirituality is on the rise as well!


Mount Olympus celebrates, and provides easy access to, the mythology of ancient Greece and Rome by offering a variety of Olympian themed Workshops, Activities, Events and Products.

And we invite you to celebrate with us! Please click Olympian Sevices in the menu link on the left to learn about Mount Olympus' current offerings. Check back often, as there is much more Mythic  fun and excitement  coming in the days ahead!

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