Olympian Embassy
Mount Olympus

The Olympian Council believes in transparency and in providing access to useful information. It is not interested in establishing belief systems or encouraging worshipful attitudes. Olympus truly cares about its mortal descendants and the Olympian Embassy is an instrument of that caring.

The Olympian Embassy operates on multiple planes through the Pride of Olympus, the Sun-Chariot that serves as the Flagship of Olympus in the Aethers and Protector of the spiritual path of Mythic Ascension, also known as Olympian Heroic Path, Olympian Shamanic Path, and Apotheosis.

Celestial Powers, Angelic Hierarchies, Gaia's Devic and Elemental Kingdoms, Ascended Beings, and diverse Others are working in concert with Olympus to guide human evolution and assist ncarnate Olympians with reclaiming their Celestial Heritage and establishing Elysium on Earth.  

Ambassadors-at-Large Hercules Invictus and Athena Victory have also established contact and formed relationships with incarnate individuals and Earth-based organizations that have been established, guided, touched, or inspired, by Olympus and the Celestial Powers, and that are dedicated to Human Potential, Transcendence, Cosmic Awareness, Ascension and the Great Awakening on Gaia. 


The Olympian Embassy represents, and is empowered to act on behalf of, the Olympian Council, which is also known as the Solar Council, the Planetary Council, the Council of Elohim and the Astra Planeta. The Inner Circle represents the Sun, our Moon, and the five planets closest to Gaia: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. 


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Olympian Embassy