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In Memoriam II

Adolfo Acosta: Foi a minha inspiracao desde minha infancia,para mim a melhor genetica e o físico mais simétrico e proporcional que ja existiu. Simpesmente incomparavel... Steve Reeves forever! He was my inspiration since childhood, for me had the best genetics and was physically more symmetrical and proportional than anyone else ever was. Simply incomparable..... Steve Reeves forever!

Poul Erik Dahl Andersen: He has been a guide for me, all my life. I saw Hercules in 1961, and my dream was to look like him. I started Bodybuilding a few years later (at 17 years and have now trained for 53 years). I still don't look like him, but I won two Danish championships, and a third place in Scandinavia. He was a god among us. The most handsome man who ever lived.

Terrence L. Brown: Motivated me to start lifting weights.

Nicholas Diak: When Steve Reeves took the quest to retrieve the Golden Fleece in Hercules, he also set in motion to usher in a gilded age of Italian genre cinema. Italy was in the later years of the neorealist movement, which scholars had dubbed The Golden Age of Italian Cinema, when Hercules was released. While auteur cinema that spawned from the neorealist movement would continue to flourish in Italy in the next few decades, it was the filone phenomenon that would provide the foundations to make it possible. Spaghetti Westerns, gialli, macaroni combat, gothic horror, mondo films, Eurospy – these genre cycles and their influence (providing monies to finance art films, proving grounds for filmmakers and actors, etc.) where all possible from the progenitor genre of it all: the peplum, which of course was heralded in by Reeves. Reeves’ Hercules didn’t just create an entire genre, he butterfly-effected his way to create an entire industry with far reaching influence. As a scholar of Italian film, I see his influence manifest in my research and come to life in the various ways others have studied him and revitalized him via scholarly reconsideration. I cannot help but be awed and inspired by his legacy.

Joanna Lynn Dimech: My Dad was a bodybuilder. Steve Reeves was one of his idols. I grew up with bottles of lecithin powder and protein shakes in the kitchen. And you never walked into the rec room in the dark because stubbing your toes on those iron weights was a bitch. He's in his seventies now and still works out religiously. My Hero!

Ronald S. Komorrowski: He was and always will be the one and only Hercules!!... No one will ever be better in that role!!

Icaro Milocco: Steve Reeves è stato il mio ispiratore ad iniziare l'allenamento con i pesi che ancor oggi continuo a praticare. Per me è stato il più grande culturista di tutti i tempi. Steve Reeves inspired me to start working out with weights, a practice I have continued to this day. For me he was the greatest bodybuilder of all time.

Divyarup RoyChowdhury: He inspired me to live a healthy life and build a good physique the natural way.

Tom Savard: I was born in the early 60's grew up watching his movies. He was and still is an inspiration in my life. When I was 12 years old I bought my first barbell set, been training ever since.

Steven Smith: Steve Reeves is one of my favourite peplum stars and it was because of him that I got my name in a book for the very first time way back in 1982!  The book is called STEVE REEVES: A TRIBUTE by Milton T. Moore, Jr. We were penpals from the late 1970s and he asked me a question about one of the songs from the movie THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW (1975) in which Reeves is mentioned. At the time I had the book on the making of the movie and it just so happened that the chapter on the songs had a photo of the music sheet and there was Reeves' name printed right there so I photo copied it and posted it off to Milton and a few months later when the book was published I got a shock to find my name listed in it!

Greg Sushinsky: Steve Reeves sought not only to live the physical culture ideals of health and fitness, but also high ideals in his personal life. By exercising, eating healthy and with lots of hard work, he was able to create a Herculean physique, a living ideal which inspired millions through his bodybuilding and later his movie stardom. But Reeves also sought to live a life of integrity and was a positive force in that way as well. He saw it as his mission to help and inspire others, which he willingly did. He promoted health and fitness and taught and encouraged many, while his larger than life screen heroes served to inspire the world.

Howie Watson: Easily one of the most inspirational bodybuilders, but more than that. Each one of his unique movies has a wonderful "feel-good", almost cathartic, effect. A true legend of epic proportions. A man who deserves far more respect and historical adulation than he is given.

I was influenced by Steve,from fourteen years of age.Saw him in the Hercules ll course, then in Musclemag.This was in 1975.I then saw him in Morgan the pirate and Thief of Baghdad.I saw Steve as the pinnacle of bodybuilding and tried to find everything I could on him.Later,I managed to collect all his films on DVD, and managed to obtain four books on Steve and three original movie posters.

Bill Elvis Williams: At age 21 I was inspired by Steve's movies to start training, I wanted to look like he looked. At age 27 I had his same measurements, same bodyweight, and same square Pecs! I won sixth place at the Nabba Mr Universe Tall Class.

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