The Golden Fleece

In Greek Mythology the Golden Fleece was a symbol of Optimal Wellness.

In the Physical Sphere it inspired Greece's greatest Heroes to personally excel and strive for the opportunity of attaining it.

Once attained, it heals all ailments, maintains personal health and even restores lost life.

Optimal Wellness

May you be Blessed with a Long and Healthy Life!

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Our current Mount Olympus Fitness Challenge: Open to all who wish to participate.

My personal quest for a Mythic Physique. Includes Reviews.

Our Tribute site for 2017's Mythic Mentor: Steve Reeves. Includes Reviews and Interviews.

Information about the Tenafly Mayors Wellness Campaign, a Community Initiative which I am proud to be involved with.

Note: To encourage others to take steps toward Optimal Wellness, free Fitness Books will be given away (while supplies last).

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