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Welcome to our Optimal Wellness Portal site! This particular Portal focuses on the sphere of Physical Wellness. Thank you for taking the time to visit us while on your Web-wanderings. 

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Here you will find a brief introduction to this Portal site. 


Welcome O noble Guest! Feel free to explore our Site Map and follow links that will prove useful if you seek background information on the Age of Heroes and The Elysium Project.

Physical Fitness

This page will introduce the Golden Fleece and the links will take you to our current Mount Olympus Fitness Challenge, my personal quest for a Mythic Physique, the Tribute site for 2017's Mythic Mentor: Steve Reeves and information about the Tenafly Mayors Wellness Campaign.


A Tribute to the Lion of Norfolk, who died in infancy, and a link to information on SIDS.

Hercules Home

Here are links to my Hercules Invictus Home page, my Facebook Timeline and my Contact Info.

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