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Hercules Invictus Interviews

Michael Crahart

Founder of

Hellenismos Aionios

Mount Olympus Presents:

Hercules: Greetings Michael! I am greatly honored to be interviewing you. Your dedication to Olympianism is sincere and long-standing. I have greatly enjoyed following your unfolding efforts to introduce ancient understandings into our modern era.

Michael: Hello Hercules, thanks for the opportunity to take part in this interview. Yes I've been active online since 2002.

Hercules: What first drew you to Olympian Spirituality?

Michael: Primarily it's comprehensive nature, it's highly respected in the arts and philosophy. Olympian mythology is instantly recognized universally. As a path it is familiar to most Westerners.

Hercules: What other Paths did you explore before committing to your Deepest Resonance?

Michael: I was previously a member of the OBOD Druid order and practiced a Celtic path. However for me it lacked historicity and authenticity.

Hercules: I recall publishing your Essay on Olympianism and your Olympian Calendar on our website and in our Yahoo Group years ago. Were these your earliest efforts at re-establishing the Greco-Roman Way?

Michael: Yes the Olympianism Yahoo group was my first online presence and I remember the article on the Calendar. It was an attempt to provide a non-Athenian Calendar for use by all Hellenists.

Hercules:Hellenismos Aionios emerged a few years later, and I recall sharing your Tenets on my website and through my Facebook groups. Thank you for including me in the early stages of its unfoldment. Though my path took me elsewhere I was honored to be a part of it and still follow the posts.

Michael: Yes HA marked a change towards a wider Hellenism embracing a more syncretistic approach, I remember our early efforts to establish this with the development of the Pontifices.

Can you give us an overview of Hellenismos Aionios?

Michael: Sure well as I said HA embraces a fully syncretistic view of Hellenism and is inclusive of Mithraism, Orphism and Hermetism.

Consequently we view the Olympians as universal or cosmic deities on a par with those of other major religions, rather than as local spirits geographically or elementally confined.

Its part of our practice to honour each of the twelve Olympians on a monthly basis. Our Pontiff Devon Power is Orphic and posts pictures of his devotional altars and appropriate Orphic teaching for the Olympian deity of the month. We now use the Orphic Calendar rather than the one I devised previously.

Hercules: What differentiates Hellenismos Aionios from other Olympian Paths?

Michael: In that we deeply regret the modern tendency to reduce the Olympians to mere elemental daemons restricted to a mountain in Thessaly and the borders of Hellas.

For us Zeus Hypsistos is none other than the supreme God of the Cosmos in every way equal to the 'God' of other faiths.

We also view the promotion of racism and homophobia by some Hellenists from the far-right with dismay and reject ethnic hatred in all forms.

Hercules: Where in its development is your Movement at present?

Michael: We are developing our local group at present and have regular meetings and ceremonies.

Online I'm presently developing the Mithraic element, which is foundational to HA but ironically has been the last area to be fully developed.

Hercules:What is your vision for its growth and development?

Michael: I hope we will continue to grow offline as successfully as we have online and my future efforts will be to develop that along with a better upgraded online presence.

Hercules: What role do you see it playing in the overall history of Olympianism?

Michael:I hope it will raise people's awareness of the gods, people who thought that they were no longer honoured. As well as raise people's appreciation of the gods as cosmic deities, who are concerned with the spiritual development of all humanity, not just those of an ethnic group or people.

Hercules: Do you welcome interaction with other groups?

Michael: Yes certainly we are a fully inclusive group and are open to people of all paths and faiths. We currently have not just Pagans as members but Unitarians, Baha'i, Zoroastrians, Yazidis and Hindus for example.

Hercules:How can folks learn more about Hellenismos Aionios?

Michael:You can join us at our Facebook group page.

Hercules: How can those who find resonance get involved?

Michael: Just jump in and let us know what your area of interest is and are looking to develop.

Hercules: Thank you Michael! I enjoyed catching up with you and wish you well with your endeavors. Please keep us posted on your progress and any new developments.

Michael: Thanks again for the opportunity.

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