Hercules: Greetings Brett! Thank you for granting us this interview.

Brett: Thank you for taking to time to learn about Precis Intermedia.

Hercules: Precis Intermedia publishes Lords of Olympus, an excellent Greek Mythology RPG. Are there plans to release any expansions or adventures for this RPG in the near future?

Brett: I have a setting idea that is partially written, sort of a rift of Stargate, but I haven't been able to finish it. I still need to define the new powers, which range from space travel (sort of like world-walking) to commanding armies.

Hercules: I will be running a few Mythic Adventure mini-campaigns throughout 2017, plus many FREE Stand Alones. One idea was inspired by Reviewing 1PG Pax Gladius, a cinematic Sword & Sandal RPG by your Affiliates Deep7 and Heyoka Studios. Do you have any other games in your vast catalogue that are set in or around the ancient Mediterranean?

Brett: I don't believe so, but between Lords of Olympus and the Deep7/Heyoka materials, you can easily transport those ideas to other games.

Hercules: I use maps and miniatures extensively, so I started looking through my collection and putting aside what I believe I'll need. As this is a time consuming process, and involves a lot of packing and carrying, I decided to explore print and play options. Precis Intermedia offers many interesting possibilities in that arena. Can you give us a brief overview?

Brett: Disposable Heroes paper miniatures come in three basic formats:

A. Statix sets consist of zip downloads that contain three different formats for the figures (a-frame, tri-fold, and flat counters), as well as pages filled with the same figure (or one of each) so that you can easily print out armies to use in your games.

B. Customizable sets utilize a web-interface to select the figures and format you want from the set (or mix and match from other purchased sets), how many of them, whether or not they are labeled or numbered, and a few other options. This lets you also create armies, but also add designations to those armies.

C. Printed sets consist of pre-selected figures (typically two of each) that are already printed on cardstock. Simply cut out and use.

D. Some sets are also formatted for use with the Fantasy Grounds application as tokens.

Then there are also Disposable Tilescapes that let you stitch together 1" tiles to create your own battlemaps. There is currently a retro-dungeon tiles set, but more are planned.

Hercules: Looking through the Disposable Heroes Paper Minis, I located the Romans set, which is great for my setting. Some of the other sets contained only a figure or two I could use. Can I mix and match sets?

Brett: If you choose Customizable sets, you can select any figures from any of your available sets and mix them on a page (or multiple pages as armies) for download.

Hercules: Are there plans to include more figures from mythology or Greco-Roman-Egyptian antiquity?

Brett: Yes, but unfortunately, I need to discover the secret to cloning myself first

Hercules: When you discover how to do that, please let me know! I've understood correctly I can create maps using your Disposable Tilescapes, then either print them out or adventure online using imagers of the Disposable Heroes. Am I accurate in my understanding?

Brett: Yes, you can save them as PDF and print as needed OR use the online Battlemap system to load the map and place any figures from your available Disposable Heroes Customizable sets. You can also stitch together multiple maps to create a complete dungeon (or Mapscape), and easily choose the desired chamber on the fly when using Battlemaps. A die roller is also built into the systen.

There is also an application for MacOS X that does the same thing, although a future version will include the Mapscape feature.

Hercules: That's Awesome! Can I create outdoor as well as indoor scenes?

Brett: Technically, yes. You can change the color of the tiles to simulate things like grass, dirt, or sand. Future sets will include other types of tiles. You will also be able to create your own tiles for use with the system in future.

Hercules: What do the Retro-Dungeon and Retro-Dungeon props add to the mix?

Brett: The Retro-Dungeon tiles set is required. It is currently the only tiles set. The props consist of things you would find in a dungeon that can be placed on top of a tile and resized -- campfires, weapons, corpses, trap doors, scrolls, etc.

Hercules: My mini-campaign's first chapter requires certain internal and external locations in an ancient Greek polis. The second chapter an ancient Greek ship. Can I create those using the Disposable Tilescapes?

Brett: You can do that, but don't expect it to match the style and theme of that setting with the current tile set.

Hercules: Olympian Space Opera, Sci-Fi and Superheroics will be the theme of my next mini-campaign. Can I create futuristic, alien, or post-apocalyptic settings for those by using the Disposable Tilescapes?

Brett: The current tiles set is geared for fantasy dungeons, but future sets will be available for sci-fi and modern genres.

Hercules: You seem to have plenty of Disposable Heroes for those settings.

Brett: There are quite a few sets, yes.

Hercules: The Disposable Starmaps seem to offer many interesting features. How can I use them to enhance my campaign?

Brett: If you are running a sci-fi game, you can create your own 3D starmaps using the system. You simply place stars using X/Y/Z coordinates (and you can name them and change colors). You can also add routes between two stars with custom colors -- this could represent trade or hyperspace routes, for instance. The scale, camera angle, and camera position can also be changed to suit your needs, as can the display font and other options. Save and download your map to PDF for printing or archive.

This functionality is also built into the Disposable Tilescapes app for Mac, and you can even use the finished map with the Battlemap feature when saved as an image.

Hercules: What other settings can I create and populate using your products?

Brett: As far as Disposable Heroes Paper Minis go, there's historical soldiers, pulp, noir, fantasy, post-apocalypse, pirate, wild west, anime, and more.

Hercules: How can folks learn more about Precis Intermedia's Disposable Heroes,Tilescapes and Starmaps?

Either explore the Precis Intermedia web site at or go directly to their pages in the online store.

Hercules:. Thank you very much Brett!

Brett: And thank you for the interest.

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