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Gilbert Gallo has returned to Mount Olympus, bringing a guest, Charles White, co-Founder and Marketing Director of Fabled Environments. Together they created a modern-day Mythic RPG experience called Olympus, Inc. I was granted the opportunity to sample a taste of what was to come and I was very much impressed! So much so that I called for an Olympian Spectacle.

The feast is being prepared by our warrior-chefs and the entertainment we've scheduled is beyond anything Olympus has ever seen, heard, smelled, tasted or felt! Dionysus calls it an 'assault on the senses', which is a rare compliment indeed.

Gilbert goes off to meet his many fans. Since he was last here I've received several petitions to elevate him to full Demi-godhood and I am considering doing just that. Is that Aaron T. Huss of Mystical Throne Entertainment I see? Why is he skulking around? He must know that he is always welcome here. No matter...

Athena and I are soon seated on matching Thrones in our garden-Temple.

Our herald and seer, Tiresias, announces Charles White. We stand to welcome him, as an equal.

Soon we are all seated, Charles on a matching throne facing us. As we converse, Nektar, Ambrosia, and the fruit from countless worlds is served to us by cloud-nymphs
and spirits of thunder and lightning.

Part I: Charles White's Epic Saga

Hercules: Greetings Charles! I thank you for granting us this interview and sharing the tale of your creative journey.

Charles: Absolutely! It is indeed an honor to speak with you. Thanks for this opportunity!

Hercules: When did your love of games first manifest?

Charles: When I was 16, I had a friend bring the Expert box set of D&D to school. I quickly fell in love. That was 30 years ago and I have been gaming ever since.

Hercules: What was it about RPGs that captured your imagination?

Charles: It was the ability to create your own story and be in that story. It was also the fact that the story was different each time you played.

Hercules: Before entering the gaming industry arena, what other vocations did you explore or consider?

Charles: Like most people in tabletop gaming, publishing and writing isn’t my primary job. I really wish it was. What I do know is work for an organization that recovers solid organs (heart, lungs, etc.) for transplant. My role is as a liaison between our organization and several hospitals in our service area. I’ve done that for over 16 years.

Hercules: How did you enter the gaming industry professionally?

Charles: I have always been a fan of RPGs set in a modern times, but could never find any modern floorplans. I turned to my wife, who is a professional interior designer and an architectural drafter, to see if she could create some. The rest is history.

Hercules: What are the pluses and minuses of being a gamer versus a gaming professional?

Charles: The pluses are being able to work with some amazing people and have an amazing creative outlet. The biggest minus is not having time to game. It is hard to squeeze in gaming when you are essentially working two jobs.

Hercules: Can you please share your career path within the industry?

Charles: We floated the idea of creating modern floorplans to a few people. The problem was presentation and packaging. Finally a good friend of ours took a look at our stuff and suggested that we reach out to 12ToMidnight. The guys really liked what we were doing and allowed us to publish under them. Once they were absorbed by Pinnacle Entertainment Group, the creators of Savage Worlds, then we broke away and became independent. From there we decided to also launch some modules along with our floorplans.

Hercules: It is awesome that you and your wife have pooled your talents on this venture!

Charles: It really is! Krista is incredibly talented. She also does graphic design and other forms of art. Since she isn’t a gamer, it is nice to have this connection point.

Hercules: I am impressed by your Award Winning Modern Maps!

Charles: Thanks! There is quite a bit of detail and realism that goes into each floor plan. Krista researches all of them and put quite a bit of time into them before she even begins to draw anything.

Hercules: Do you create fantasy maps as well?

Charles: No. There are so many people that create those that we wanted to focus on modern maps.

Hercules: Please tell us more about your Blueprint for Imagination Line

Charles: Blueprint for Imagination was born from the desire to give gamers something that they could use with their floorplans. Once we became a Savage Worlds Licensee, we wanted to produce short adventures that could be played in roughly a 4 hour time frame.

Hercules: And I understand that you has a service that provides maps to gamers at conventions...

Charles: We do! We can’t be in all places at the same time, so this is our way of both supporting gamers in other locations and also getting the word out about our product. Any GM that is running a game at a convention or other event can get a digital copy of one of our maps simply by emailing us and giving us the details of the event where they are Gming.

Hercules: What Fabled Environments products can we expect to see in the near future?

Charles: We will continue to create more floorplans, craft more short modules and release modules and supplements in support of Olympus, Inc

Hercules: What is your ultimate vision for Fabled Environments?

Charles: I’d love to see us grow and bring on staff. I want to see us turn into a true publishing house with multiple lines along with one-shot modules and great modern floorplans!

Hercules: How can folks best learn about your products and new releases?

Charles: The best way is to follow us on Facebook. We also have a Facebook page specifically for Olympus Inc We are also on G+

Hercules: Beyond Fabled Environments, what are some of your other interests and preferred activities?

Charles: I love to read. I am also an avid fan of history. I love spending time with my family as well.

Hercules: And what's next in the unfolding epic of Charles White?

Charles: That is a great question. Too bad I can’t travel to Delphi and ask for a cryptic glance at my future.

Hercules: LOL, I like that answer! How can your fans contact you or follow your career?

Charles: Folks can always contact us through our website or via Facebook.


We take a break to enjoy the meal and the customary dance number or two (a staple in the Sword & Sandal Paradise we dwell in. Aaron is still stealthfully skulking around and occasionally hiding behind pillars. Gilbert has a large circle of admirers and seems to be signing copies of his games. Afterwards we are rejoined by Charles and our interview continues...

Part II: Olympus, Inc

Hercules: What inspired Olympus, Inc?

Charles: It was a combination of things. I am a huge Percy Jackson Fan. I am also a huge Shadowrun fan as well the Dresden series. What made things click was looking through the Mythos book and thinking what modern Greek demigods could look like in a modern setting. 

Hercules: How does it connect with the larger Mythos universe?

Charles: It really doesn’t. It really stands along. Mythos does a brilliant job allowing folks to play classic demigods. Olympus, Inc is a different animal.

Hercules:I enjoy interacting with Gilbert. He is creative, knowledgeable, passionate, focused, and lots of fun. How was he to work with?

Charles: He is amazing! We had such fun exploring this world and working through the nuts and bolts of how we saw things working. It was such fun just thinking through potential problems with our story and bringing things to life.

Hercules:On your website you described your mutual journey as a 'labor of love'...

Charles: It really has been. It hasn’t felt that much like work. I have been excited to see where things were going.

Hercules:As I was exploring your selection of Modern Maps I could not resist the temptation of weaving possible scenarios for Olympus, Inc..

Charles: That is easy to do! Since this is predominately an urban setting, the floorplans can serve as a canvas for various adventure ideas.

Hercules:When will Olympus, Inc be commercially available?..

Charles: Very soon.I just got the first proof of the layout.

Hercules:What products are planned to accompany the launch?

Charles: We will release a few adventures, a free character sheet and several supplement books that detail the remaining major Olympians along with some of the minor gods.

Hercules:And what can we look forward to for 2017?

Charles: More products in the Olympus Inc line, more floorplans and more stand alone modules. WE are also looking at publishing one or two different setting books as well

Hercules:Are there any Mythos/Olympus, Inc crossovers planned?

Charles: Not as of yet. Not sure how that would work.

Hercules:What is your ultimate vision for Olympus, Inc?

Charles: I’d love to see this become a popular setting in the Savage Worlds community. It has been fun to create and hopefully fans will enjoy playing within the setting.

Hercules:It is rumored that people can gain a glimpse of what is to come... How can they access this information?

Charles: We have a preview document up on DrivethruRPG. It will give you a taste of what is to come!

Hercules:And how can we best follow the journey of Olympus, Inc and learn of new releases?

Charles: Through our website,, or via Facebook

Hercules:Thank you very much Charles! I greatly appreciate your granting this interview, and wish both you and your wife the greatest success with Olympus, Inc, all the other fine Fabled Environments products, and in all things you attempt!


Gilbert Gallo, Charles White and Aaron T. Huss are escorted to Gilbert's Sun-Chariot and all the Olympians at our gathering wave at them as they depart and openly express their desire that our recent visitors all soon return.


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