Chapter Two:

Practical Magick

July 2013


Chapters Three through 

Fifty Five:

Strengthen Our Sisters

September 2013 -

August 2014


March - April 2015

Fair Lawn Community Education

Prelude: The Eleventh Labor (2013 - 2015)
While Hercules recruits heroes for his Eleventh Labor, some visiting Amazons are tricked into helping the Lich Busiris steal a mystic talisman that can tamper with time. Several other local heroes, during the aftermath of the Serpent Wars, participate in a conflict that spans the ages. The Mythic Past and one Possible Future collide, creating the very circumstances the Olympians of both Ages seek to prevent.


May 2015- Present

Tenafly Public Library

Stand Alones

The Twelfth Labor

Mythic Atlantis

Voyage of the Argo

Our Mythic Tales:

The Time Wars

Chapter One:

Woven Roots Festival

June 2013

The Eleventh Labor


April - May 2016

September 2016- February 2017

March - June 2017

Paramus Community School

The Twelfth Labor

Voyage of the Argo


The Time Wars Have Begun!

CAMPAIGN: The Time Wars (2015 - Present)

Our major Crossover event will shake the very foundations of our Mythic Multiverse!

The Twelfth Labor (2015 - 2016)

Hercules has captured Cerberus and brought him to Mythic Greece. The Gates to the Underworld remain open and the dead invade the world of the living.

Mythic Atlantis (2015 - 2016)

In one possible future, Hercules and Athena seek a diplomatic solution to the paranormal problems plaguing Neos Olympos.

The Voyage of the Argo (2017 - Present)

The Call to Adventure echoes throughout Mythic Greece! A prince cheated of his rightful throne is gathering the greatest heroes of Hellas to reclaim the lost symbol of legitimate rulership from a dragon in the faraway land of the rising sun.

Larger Than Life Living in the World Today

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Cresskill Public Library

Voyage of the Argo