Larger Than Life Living in the World Today

(c) 1975-2017 Hercules Invictus

Chapter Three

An unlikely assemblage of powerful individuals, some of them Mythic, is assembled to handle the situation after a local hero is possessed by the Necronomicon and the book somehow opens a portal to the ancient past.

Chapter Four

Our heroes find themselves in Mythic Greece at a Minotaur's army camp battling robots from the future. The robots seize the possessed hero and the evil tome and escape through the portal. The superheroes jump in after them. 

(c) Marvel Comics

The Time Wars Have Begun!

Champions of Olympus: 

A Gathering of Champions

Chapter One

Several Metropolitan Area superheroes investigate an early morning police-band report of zombies invading a warehouse in Northern New Jersey. They neutralize the immediate threat but catch a glimpse of an even greater undead peril on the horizon.


Chapter Two

Various superheroes stem the zombie tide with the help of a Daywalker, and one of their number is infected. A Supreme Sorcerer helps constrain him and determines that an unknown Necromancer is using the Necronomicon to wreak havoc.

Beyond the Time Wars

Though some will choose to confront the many challenges that will arise during this adventure through Time, Space and several Alternate Realities, the world as we know it still needs Champions, so the Champions of Olympus: Junior Superhero Leagues will continue to operate and prepare recruits to become future Champions worthy of the title.