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What is a Mythic RPG (Role Playing Game)?

A RPG is one type of interactive storytelling. More versatile and socially engaging than video games, RPGs encourage reading, socialization and teamwork as players cooperate in overcoming obstacles and solving puzzles.

We've been told that, over time, the kids in our Mythic RPG program form more friendships and display greater leadership skills by organizing their own games and teaching their friends to play.

Some kids are now playing RPGs with their parents and siblings. One young man re-introduced the game to his grandma (his dad used to play when he was younger) and they occasionally adventure together.

Participants in our Mythic RPG earn points for creative writing and game related art work. They also earn points for writing reports on the books they have read that relate to their adventures. 

As an added bonus, kids playing the Mythic RPG also develop their math skills and become more interested in history and literature. Parents are happy that their kids are having fun while demonstrating a greater love of learning.

From an activity designed for children's literacy in 2005, our current Mythic RPG has evolved, over the years, and incorporated all our earlier iterations, into an immersive educational experience that can be enjoyed by any and all age groups.  

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