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Solar Quest


I am Hercules. I walk the Path of the Sun.

Thus have I proclaimed - publicly - on many an occasion and now I am ready to integrate my Solar Quest into the Elysium Project.

Solar Path practitioners of old sought ways of becoming living symbols of our sun's generative power and anchoring its life-affirming energy into the consciousness of their culture. 

I will accept this ancient challenge and endeavor to do the same, through this website and in my own quirky way. 

As I currently reside in Northern New Jersey, my Solar Quest will begin here in the Garden State.

Fortunately, NJ is very receptive to harnessing Solar Power and there are many incentives currently in place to facilitate the process for any who wish to pursue that path. 

In the days ahead I will be adding links to the best information I can locate. Please feel free to explore these at your leisure. My immediate goal is to become familiar with the terrain and all the major players.

When I sounded the Horn of Summoning, as is my custom, a Techo-Druid from Utah known as Master Phoenix was the first to respond. He offered me many insights and overviews, as well as an opportunity to more effectively actualize my Solar goal.

Phoenix served as my Mentor and guided my first few steps through the portal and into the vestbule leading to the convoluted labyrinths of our emerging Solar Technologies. 

Larger Than Life Living in the World Today

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Path of the Sun