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Imagine that the Greek, Egyptian and Celtic people evolved on another world, isolated from all other cultures except for each other. Now imagine that their collective mythologies were all real and quite tangible.

Welcome to the world of Mythic, a fun mythology based RPG from Chimera Press! Though an Officially Licensed product for Savage Worlds, Mythic can be easily adapted to any gaming system you happen to favor, are experimenting with, or routinely use.

It begins with an evocative image of a Greek warrior, an Egyptian archer and a Celtic mage fighting a really huge and uninjured Minotaur in the ruins of a vast Grecian temple. The Minotaur looks really pissed and a second Minotaur will soon be joining him. Two pages later, a colorful map of the Known World that quickly dispels the notion that you'll be adventuring on Earth.

Designed to run optimally with a limited number of players, Mythic seeks to duplicate the flavor of the ancient epics, and succeeds quite admirably. There are twenty two heroic archetypes to choose from, all of them human, and there are three distinct cultures to provide flavor. The character creation process takes you by the hand and walks you through it, step-by-step. By the time you're done, you're armed and ready to tackle the world of Mythic.

Mythic Greece's culture thrives in Illosia, as does the Olympian pantheon. The chapter devoted to their culture is more than sufficient to get you started, and there is a One-Sheet Illosian adventure on the Chimera Press website (more on this below).

The Nisserri are the Mythic equivalent of the ancient Egyptians, and their culture is guided and protected by the Pesedjet, the ancient Khemetic gods of the Nile-lands.

Pridithians are the barbarians of the Known World. They are brawny, fierce, and under the Otherworldly tutelage of the Tuatha de Dannan, the Fae of the Celts.

The book provides examples of actual names, alphabets and other cultural tidbits that greatly enhance the game world's reality. 

Although some of the creatures are unique to the Known World, like the Thosean Lion, the Bestiary offers a comprehensive and thorough collection of mythic and mundane beasts from all three cultures, some a bit altered perhaps, but they all work well within the context of the Mythic game setting. 

The Bestiary is followed by nearly four pages of generic NPC types you're likely to come across while adventuring, everything from Assassins to Worshipers. These are fleshed out enough to quickly insert into your adventure, lacking only names, nationalities and unique quirks, mannerisms or affectations 

Mythic concludes with a blank Character Sheet, which you can also download from the Mythic page on the Chimera Press website.

While you're there, you can also download the divine Family Tree of each culture and a One-Sheet adventure called Wedding Crashers (which I mentioned above). It is set in Illosia, and involves Centaurs... enough said! I enjoyed this scenario so much that I will be reviewing it!

Another adventure, The Shadows of Apep, has recently been released.

Although I am not likely to run any scenarios in the Known World in the near future, the material in Mythic is so rich and applicable to my own campaign world that I'll be adapting it extensively.

Thank you Michael Edwards for greatly expanding my gaming horizons, as well as those of my players!


Review by Hercules Invictus

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