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Mythic RPG Reviews II

The Mythos Quick Start Guide, written by Gilbert Gallo and published by Mystical Throne Entertainment, provided me with two powerful incentives to fully immerse myself in their gaming world: A chance to experience the Argonautica in a whole new way, and providing a rationale for the tales immortalized in Greek Mythology that actually fits the mythic (and mystic) facts as I know them.

I am a Lemnian Greek and the Argonauts (including Hercules) tarried on Lemnos for a good long time (it was the Isle of Amazon Women). Since then we've proudly celebrated our descent from their fruitful union. The Voyage of the Argo is one of the recurring themes in my life. I have sought, and was honored to experience, many written, spoken and cinematic versions of the tale. Aside from a nearly three-year gaming campaign, it also inspired my real-life and life-long Age of Heroes Initiatives.

And I've been a practitioner of Olympian Heroic Path for most all of my current existence. It was refreshing to encounter an Olympian vision that, though fictive, resonated with the essence of my deepest metaphysical understandings.

I am not familiar with the Entropic Gaming System or Savage World (of which the Mythos Quick Start Guide is an Officially Licensed Product) but I suspect I will be by this journey's end.

In the Mythos Quick Start Guide, you can play a mortal-born hero or a demigod. A demigod is much more powerful, but has a lot less freedom and flexibility, than an exceptional human. A human can also alter their relationships with the Olympians, whereas a demigod remains bound by their fate.

A truly comprehensive character creation process is provided, one that helps build your legend and backstory as you progress. Information on the Heavenly Contest, your Patron Deities, the role of Fate, your Heroic Ethos and Epic Living is revealed, as is the true role of Mystery Cults.

This is a very tight product with a minimal amount of fluff. I was amazed at how much useful information the author crammed into sixty seven pages!

I don't want to spoil the Argonauts' Legend for you, so I'll be brief and and a bit sketchy with details. It is thirty one pages long and truly epic in scope. Aside from the Prologue and Finale, there are thirteen individual scenes that are divided between three main headings (Parts I-III). There's a map, scroll, some evocative art, a poem and lots of very well-written text to help make this a truly memorable adventure for your group. There's even a Bonus Finale for those who gain the favor of my illustrious ancestor. For gamers who are continuity conscious: the Mythos version intersects with Hercules' taming of Diomedes' mares.

In the very near future I will be interviewing Gilbert Gallo and reviewing more Mythos products, starting with Mythos: Queen of the Labyrinth. And I am greatly honored to be sharing my journey with you, here in these pages.


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