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Mythic RPG Reviews II

How can four individuals, united in purpose and armed with thirteen pieces of paper, help you fill your time with quality intrigue and adventure?

Todd and Samantha Downing, Andrew Kenrick, and James Stubbs of Deep 7 succeeded in creating an easy-to-learn game which can quickly transport you into the world of cinematic Sword & Sandal spectacles. Think Ben-Hur, think Gladiator, think Quo Vadis... and your imagination will take you there. And Pax Gladius will make it worth your while to stay!

There is the cover, a credits page and a character sheet.There are two pages on generating a character and one on running the game.  The rest of the book is dedicated to seven epic adventures (one per page)!

In Circus Maximus you risk life and limb competing in the savage horse races of ancient Rome.

The Iron Lion places you in the midst of deadly political intrigues.

To the barbarian-filled frontier you go - on a peace mission - in Don't Look Down.

In Unwelcome Guests you are expendables sent to quell a barbarian rebellion.

A Walk in the Woods sees you chasing after vile kidnappers.

Captured, you then face certain Death in the Pit.

And in Fort Eyrie you must thwart the designs of a rebellious Roman General.

All of the adventures connect, giving Players a sense of being in a series of weekly television episodes. Think I Claudius, Rome and Spartacus. And you can play this as gritty as you'd like (in fact the design team encourages you to do so). All you will need are some friends, a few d3s (or d6s - you can divide each roll by 2), pencils, and an occasional glimpse at certain 1PG System rules, but otherwise everything you need to play is right here in the book.

I love Sword & Sandal movies and have several friends who are very much into the genre, but have never experienced Role Playing Games. Pax Gladius may be the perfect way to introduce them to the hobby. The rules are minimal and easy to learn. A lot of the game-play is freestyle and the setting would be very familiar to them... hmmm.

And lo, an exciting new campaign is born.


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