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Interview: Captain Ozone


Hercules: Thank you for granting us this interview Captain Ozone. I am looking forward to learning more about you. Is your private identity kept secret, or is it known to the public?

Captain Ozone: I'm William J. Ozone, but I'm known around the world as Captain Ozone. My facial identity has been kept secret.

Hercules: What inspired you take action and actually be a Superhero?

Captain Ozone: I was born in 2011(Note: Captain Ozone is a Time Traveller) and grew up on a small ranch in a rural town in the United States. I've always been sort of a cowboy and some of my friends even called me "Willy the Space Cowboy". I volunteered for this mission to not only save us from an ill-fated future, but to escape the overly electronicized, digitized and synthesized society I lived in to enjoy simpler times in your era.

Hercules: Are you part of the RLSH movement/community?

Captain Ozone: I've never been part of the Real-Life Superhero community. I don't go to Superhero meetings, or belong to any Superhero clubs. I was here about 17 years before the Real-Life Superhero community existed. Some Superheroes accredit me and a few other old-timers, like Master Legend, as being the founding fathers of the Real-Life superhero movement. I do, however, have several Real-Life superhero friends on Facebook.

Hercules: Do you currently champion a particular cause or causes?

Captain Ozone: I promote zero-emissions energy sources, such as solar, wind and water power.

Hercules: Does your community recognize and appreciate the service you offer, or is it opposed?

Captain Ozone: My entire country appreciates my service which is not limited to certain regions, cities or communities. Solar, wind, geothermal and hydro power are all integral throughout the United States.

Whatcom County, where I live, has painted me as the "village idiot" or "town nut" ever since they first got wind of me.

Hercules: Are you a lone Superhero or do you work with a partner (or partners)?

Captain Ozone: I'm a lone wolf. I don't have a sidekick. I have partnered up with a nonprofit organization by the name of "Environmental Media Northwest".

Hercules: Do you belong to a Team? If so, can you tell us about it?

Captain Ozone: I have starred as spokesman in several of Environmental Media Northwest's television and movie theater commercials about endangered wild salmon and clean energy.

Hercules: Have you formed, or are you working with, any community organizations?

Captain Ozone: I have voluntarily taught middle school kids how to write, direct and star in their own environmental television commercials that have been aired in the United States and Canada.

Hercules: I am re-forming my old Superhero Team, the Champions of Olympus, here in my local community. Last time we operated in secret, now we are going public. Do you have any suggestions or advice?

Captain Ozone: My advice is to remain clandestine. Once your team becomes public, the local cops will impose their stipulations on you.

Hercules: How does a newbie become involved with the Superhero community?

Captain Ozone: Most newbies become involved by joining a social networking site and then they search for Superheroes and add them as their friends. You can find Superheroes in your own area this way and meet up with them in person. The first Superheroes I met were Tothian, Sentinel Lenitnes and Master Legend on MySpace in 2006.

Hercules: How can people learn more about you and help support your efforts?

Captain Ozone: They can go to www.CaptainOzone.organd learn all about my mission, how to apply for loans, incentives and grants for home solar panels and wind turbines. Not only will you reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by converting to these clean energy sources, but you can also sell the surplus electricity you generate back to your power company.

Hercules: Thank you very much Captain Ozone! I greatly appreciate your time and attention!


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