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Interview: The Xeno of Portland

Hercules: Thank you Xeno for granting us this interview. I am looking forward to learning more about you and the RLSH community. Please share with us the epic tale of your Superhero persona.

Xeno: I have always been a literature and comic nerd, I love superheroes and ancient heroes, the concept of being a repeat do-gooder and a formidable opponent has always influenced me, ironically, despite my history. I suppose my "first" act of vigilance would be when I was 14, my girlfriend at the time had informed me her younger step sister (only 8 at the time) was being molested by her step brother (my girlfriends blood brother). I remember that day at school distinctly, because that was the first time I got a boxers fracture from striking a brick wall out of anger.

Anyways, when school was out I was still volatile, extremely livid passed what I had ever experienced before that. I walked Les home and she thought no one was home, so she invited me in. As soon as the door opened and we walked in, we caught her brother masturbating over some of the sickest pornography I have ever seen to this day. That moment seemed like an hour as I recalled the information I was given earlier in the day, and all of the anger and vex I had bottled the entire day exploded.

Without going into detail, I exacted justice for that little girl. With a curtain rod. After he healed and got out of the hospital, the parents figured out what had happened and why it happened, including the molestation. He was sent to McLaren youth correctional and I never got reprimanded legally for what I did, thankfully and amazingly. Fast forward 5 years; I discover Guardian Shield from Canby, Oregon - that night I made my first mask out of a T shirt sleeve and hit my personal hells kitchen (Cully, Portland) for a patrol.

Hercules: Is your private identity kept secret, or is it known to the public?

Xeno: Secret. The Xeno, and the person within the suit are separate; the Xeno makes the person, and the person makes the Xeno.

Hercules:What inspired you take action and actually be a Superhero?

Xeno: People whining about all these problems and concerns that plague the entire world, yet do nothing to change it. Complaining without offering a solution is just whining.

Hercules: How did you become part of the RLSH community?

Xeno: Found out about a local hero in a neighboring town, developed a quick persona and contacted him. Made a facebook profile, began networking and operating.

Hercules: What heroic service do you offer Portland?

Xeno: Whatever I am needed for, really. I primarily focus on crime prevention, but whenever I can help someone in some way, I at least try. Way I see it, is the act of kindness and empathy is contagious and if enough people adopt the mentality of helping those in need, it will spread like a disease and we need something positive to go viral for once.

Hercules: Does Portland recognize and appreciate this service, or is it opposed?

Xeno: Mostly appreciated, but there are always those that want to oppose something.

Hercules: Are you a lone Superhero or do you work with a partner (or a Team)?

Xeno: I co-founded the Rose City Watchmen, an independent regulation of free individuals. We believe that hierarchy within a cohort leads to power struggles and unnecessary deviations from the mission, so leadership is shared among the members on an equal basis. We operate together as well as solo due to our erratic placement around the city. There is Arachnight, Rush, and myself - Xeno. We have a partner and associate (but not officially affiliated) from Vancouver, WA named Wrathas well.

Our goal is to help however we can, and provide a catalyst for good deeds to instill light in this world shrouded in darkness.

Hercules: Do you currently champion a particular cause or causes?

Xeno: Not entirely sure how to answer this question. I have a lot of causes I believe in.

Hercules: Have you formed, or are you working with, any community organizations?

Xeno: Negatory, however also in Cully is Solutions MC, a motorcycle club with a strict clean and sober policy composed of ex alcoholics, criminals, and drug users. They organize the neighborhood cleanup every year and partake in other charities around the city. I plan to work with them in the future once I get more resources to work with.

Hercules: How can people who believe in what you are doing support your mission?

Xeno: Do something for someone. Help someone in need, say hello, be a good person with honor and respect. It is that which will prompt further change in the right direction.

Hercules: I am re-forming my old Superhero Team, the Champions of Olympus, here in my local community. Last time we operated in secret, now we are going public. Do you have any suggestions or advice?

Xeno:: Focus on your mission, pick your battles, stay safe and stay frosty. Secrecy is good for deep vigilante or investigative work, but being seen, heard, and friendly is key for outreach and activism.

Hercules: How does a newbie become involved with the RLSH community?

Xeno: Think about what you can do to make your community or world a better place. Research the RLSH community, and find allies - trustworthy friends and partners are invaluable. Look inside yourself, consolidate your strengths and weaknesses, and capitalize on them. Your skills should reflect your mission.

Hercules: Thank you very much! I greatly appreciate your time and attention!

Xeno: I appreciate the opportunity, Hercules. I hope my participation proves insightful to any and all that may come across this interview.

Hercules: I am sure it will. You have already provided me with several valuable insights and have given me much to contemplate.


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