Mount Olympus Presents:
An Age of Heroes Initiative

Bronto & Xiphos Sproximo

Defenders of Sacred Spaces
Bronto and Xiphos Sproximo are members of a small community of Hellenic Polytheists in New England.  They are award winning martial arts instructors dedicated to teaching physical fitness and the martial spirit. Following Hercules' Heroic path for over a decade, Bronto is the founding member of The Order of Ares.  The Order demands high levels of physical fitness from it's members.  Xiphos and the other members pledge to defend sacred spaces.

The Mount Olympus Fitness Challenge was spearheaded
by the Order of Ares.

Larger than Life Living in the World Today

(c) 1975 - 2017 Hercules Invictus

Hercules Invictus & Athena Victory

Mythic Individuals

Hercules Invictus founded Neos Olympos, Olympian Heroic Path, Olympian Shamanic Path, Champions of Olympus and the Center for the Study of Living Myth. He also spearheaded many of the real-world Age of Heroes initiatives and the fictive Mythic Adventure tales. With his wife Athena Victory he co-founded  Mount Olympus,  the Hercules Invictus 501(c), Temenos, Mythikos Labyrinthos, the Olympian Starseeds Initiative and the Regional Folklore Society of NEPA. Hercules and Athena are openly Olympian, dedicated to living the Mythic Life and sharing their Olympian Odyssey with others. Having relocated the heart of their Temenos (Sacred Space) to Northeastern New Jersey and the Greater New York Metropolitan Area, they are now looking forward to establishing their unique niche and contributing toward the enhancement of their community's overall quality of life.

Champions of Olympus

Awakening the Heroic Spirit in Humanity

Our Team


Champions of Olympus are Interfaith Argonauts who are working together to make this world a better place for all through The Elysium Project.