Mount Olympus Presents:
An Age of Heroes Initiative


The Champions of Olympus Junior Superhero League of Tenafly is an activity that combines storytelling, self-examination, exploration, creative self-expression and taking concrete action to make our world a better place. By exploring heroic qualities in ancient Mythic heroes and modern Pop Culture heroes (as well as within themselves) participants will create a Superheroic persona, identify their personal strengths and choose a daily activity that will help them make a difference in the world.

The Champions of Olympus RPG, one of our Mythic Adventures, allows participants to experience the excitement of being larger-than-life Superheroes adventuring in a variety of imaginative Greek Mythology, science fiction and comic-book inspired settings.

Larger than Life Living in the World Today

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Champions of Olympus

Awakening the Heroic Spirit in Humanity

Junior Superhero League