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Champions of Olympus

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The Legend of You

Gabri’El Alice Stollman is an Artist and Spiritual Explorer.

Ivan Szendro is an Artist and a Shaman.

They share a deep connection with Hungary and the timeless heroic tradition that is the heritage of all of humanity

Together with artist Miklos Felvideki they produced Alice in the Upperland, a colorful, creative and truly mythic book. It is based on Gabri'El's childhood experiences. The iconic Wonder Woman serves as a Spirit Guide and catalyst for transcendence and transformation.


Gabri'El and Ivan both live a short drive away so it was inevitable that our paths would cross and that we would connect. We met several times, I reviewed their book and interviewed them several times on the Voice of Olympus podcast. In the process we became friends.

Our adventure continues and will be chronicled here.

I now sit on the Board of their shamanic non-profit, The Legend of You, and most recently participated in several mytho-heroic Happenings inspired by the book at the Gitana Rosa Galley in Piermont, New York.

Gabri’El and Ivan have both joined our Quest for the Golden Fleece as Argonauts and our journey together has inspired me to re-launch our Champions of Olympus Superhero Initiative.


Hercules Invictus

Note: Alice in the Upperland may be ordered by contacting Ivan Szendro at for a donation. The Legend of You Inc is a 503/c non profit  organization which aims to rebuild a ruined legendary village in Hungary.

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