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Interview: Tothian


Hercules: Thank you for granting The Elysium Project this interview. I am looking forward to learning more about you and the Real Life Superhero (RLSH) movement.

Tothian: You're welcome. And I would have to tell you it is not a movement. At least not one movement but many. Those who say it's a movement usually try to control the entire community according to their standards.

Hercules: Please tell us the epic tale of your Superhero persona.

Tothian: It's kind of a mystery known only to some. But I can say my name is meant to have like a medieval warrior or Jedi Knight sound to it. Some say it sounds like a Greek god or something. With most superhero names they describe the hero. Rather, I describe the name, not it describe me.

Hercules: Is your private identity kept secret, or is it known to the public?

Tothian: I like to use the name Tothian and only that.

Hercules: What inspired you take action and actually be a Superhero?

Tothian: I was born on a mission to fight evil. I'm not doing this due to inspiration, I don't think. I've always known my mission. If anything did inspire me it gave me ideas.

Hercules: How did you become part of the RLSH community?

Tothian: I looked for years for others who do this in real life. Then I found some people online and we all formed this community. So it wasn't so much me finding it but me finding others and creating it.

Hercules: What heroic service do you offer your local community?

Tothian: I protect people and fight evil. I'm not really a jack of all trades Superhero who goes with the flow doing everything others do. But at the same time I do not limit myself. It is not a job to me but a way of life. I do security patrols and videos at rallies also.

Hercules: Are the rallies Superhero rallies?

Tothian: No. They are Trump Roadside Rallies. Tomorrow Trump turns 71.

Hercules: Does your community recognize and appreciate this service, or is it opposed?

Tothian: Most people I talk to are OK with it. My fiercest opposition is usually within this community from those fakes who take pictures of themselves doing good deeds to look good, but off camera when online are some of the meanest people you would ever know.

Hercules: Are you a lone Superhero or do you work with a partner (or partners)?

Tothian: I am alone in my patrols. I have friends who kind of sort of tag along sometimes depending where. Any time out there is a patrol. A way of life, not a job. I met over 50 RLSH in real life.

Hercules: Do you belong to a Team? If so, can you tell us about it?

Tothian: In 2007 I founded the Heroes

Hercules: Can you tell us more about the Heroes Network?

Tothian: The Heroes Network is the place to help all RLSH network with each other. It is not one group but it can function as one. I like it to be fun and creative but useful. As President of the Heroes Network, my duty is to network and help other RLSH individuals and teams. I know many people and what their pros and cons are if you ask me about others.

Hercules: Can you share some highlights of your journey as a Superhero?

Tothian: Meeting other RLSH. There have been some interesting times that felt more interesting than a movie. Too much to explain at the moment.

Hercules: Do you currently champion a particular cause or causes?

Tothian: I am opposed to Sharia Law. There are other things but that is one.

Hercules: What are your concerns about Sharia Law?

Tothian: Any place in the world where Sharia Law is implemented, chaos, violence, and murder skyrocket. It is evil.

Hercules: Have you formed, or are you working with, any community organizations?

Tothian: I am involved in local political groups.

Hercules: How does a newbie become involved with the RLSH community?

Tothian: They become involved by talking to other Superheroes. From there they may decide who they want to work with and what they want to do.

Hercules: Thank you Tothian! I will explore the Heroes Network site and endeavor to speak to as many RLSH as I can.

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