Mount Olympus Presents:
An Age of Heroes Initiative

Hercules: Thank you for granting The Elysium Project this interview. I am looking forward to learning more about you and the Real Life Superhero movement.

Ghost Man: Thank you for interviewing me. Well, the movement is so colorful.

Hercules: Please tell us the epic back story of your Superhero persona.

Ghost Man: Its not that epic. 5 years ago I started my career as a Real Life Superhero (RLSH). My name was “Legion“. I have founded the biggest and most popular RLSH team worldwide. The Watchmen International.

Sadly, I had to quit from one day to another because of personal reasons. In 2015 I started playing Ingress, a location based game. Deep in my heart I knew, that I want to change the world. I put on a new mask and called myself GHOSTMAN. The ghost of a dying world. The Ingress community is huge. Many were listening. In 2016 I came back to the RLSH community. Some know my story, some don't. Anyway, my ex-team was destroyed.

Hercules: Is your private identity kept secret, or is it known to the public?

Ghost Man: Just a hand full of people know who i am.

Hercules: What inspired you take action and actually be a Superhero?

Ghost Man: I don't call myself a Superhero. I am an activist. My inspiration is anonymous. My weapon is information. Can one man change the world? Sadly not. The more people listen, the more we can change together.

Hercules: How did you become part of the RLSH movement?

Ghost Man: I live in Vienna, Austria. At the moment I am the only masked guy here. I think becoming part of it is something we have decide.

Hercules: What heroic service do you offer your local community?

Ghost Man: Well, I am good in graphics. I also use my network for spreading information about war, poverty, corrupt governments, etc.

Hercules: Does your community recognize and appreciate this service, or is it opposed?

Ghost Man: I think I am well accepted.

Hercules: Are you a lone Superhero or do you work with a partner?

Ghost Man: Alone. And that's better.

Hercules: Do you belong to a Team? If so, can you tell us about it?

Ghost Man: There are several Facebook groups. My own page is called Anonymous-RLSH Alliance. Every group has own goals, themes and leaders.

Hercules: Can you share some highlights of your journey as a Superhero?

Ghost Man: My greatest highlight was the day when I recognized, that thousands viewed my videos. They shared them on other pages. It was so awesome. My message really goes around the world. Without any violence.

Hercules: Do you currently champion a particular cause or causes?

Ghost Man: Yes. A baby is coming :D

Hercules: That's awesome! Congrats! How can people who believe in what you are doing support your mission?

Ghost Man: This is the most important and most misunderstood question. Those who listen to me should find their inner selves. Focus. See the world's real problems and talk to your family, friends, etc. We can change everything together.

Hercules: I am re-forming my old Superhero Team, the Champions of Olympus, here in my local community. Last time we operated in secret, now we are going public. Do you have any suggestions or advice?

Ghost Man: Yes. Going public is good, but do most of your business secretly. There are many posers, haters and assholes out there. But if you need any help with graphics like logos etc, call me.

Hercules: Thank you! How does a newbie become involved with the RLSH community?

Ghost Man: Usually they find us on Facebook. Many newbies are contacting me by email.

Hercules: Thank you very much Ghost Man! I greatly appreciate your time and attention. I wish you great success in your new adventures as a father!

Ghost Man: Thank you. May the Shadows be with you.


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