Mount Olympus Presents:
An Age of Heroes Initiative

The Mount Olympus Fitness Challenge, an intersection of faith and fitness, is sponsored by Hercules Invictus, the Order of Ares and the Champions of Mount Olympus. It is intended to inspire us to live healthier lives. Healthy people are better able to serve their communities in addition to being living exemplars of fitness.

To participate:

Go to and Log In as a New User to create an account. Then create a Profile.

To join the Mount Olympus Fitness Challenge group, enter the group code: XB1Z-2FGI

DISCLAIMER: The Mount Olympus Fitness Challenge is offered lovingly and with the best of intentions. However, the resources shared may not be suitable to your individual fitness needs. Please consult with your physician or other qualified health professional before attempting any diet, self-help or exercise program.

You can share Hercules' personal journey with the 2017 Mount Olympus Fitness Challenge by following the links to the left to the Mythic Physique and Steve Reeves Tribute Sites.

The Fitness Quest 2015 link will take you to an earlier fitness initiative.

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