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Chronicle: August & September 2015

Mythic Physique:Fitness Quest 2015
An Age of Heroes Initiative

Did you know that a very young Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to become a champion bodybuilder and screen legend immediately after watching the film 'Hercules in the Underworld', starring Reg Park? Did you know that Reg Park actually mentored him years later? Or that Arnold portrayed Hercules in his first film? 

The Quest Continues! To get involved please contact Hercules at (201) 561-5978 or

Wednesday 8/5/15
Week Six begins with another glorious day of exercise, meditation and creative work! This week's (and last week's) CA routines are very intensive and target the upper body and midsection. I will miss doing all this when the program switches gears next week!

Thursday 8/6/15
Took a day off from exercising, my first since beginning Fitness Quest 2015. I relaxed my dietary restrictions a bit for the day as well. The August edition of Inner Realm magazine provided another portal to participation in Fitness Quest 2015! You may access the magazine by clicking on the image below (we're on page 16).

Friday 8/7/15
Another glorious day! I've been reading a lot about Samson and the time of the Judges, a bit less on the times preceding and following his unique life. Theories that he may have been inspired by the legend of Hercules, or that he may have inspired Hercules' mythic adventures, help me to further identify with the role.

Saturday 8/8/15
Practice for the play today. Aside from being Samson, I played the two roles for people not present: a High Priest and a nomadic desert chieftain

Sunday 8/9/15
My hair darkened for the role of Samson, I have been experimenting with the Danite Judge's body language as well. Lots of stretching today.

Monday 8/10/15
Another glorious day! Harlots and Heresy has been fueling my motivation znd demanding increasingly more of my attention.

August & September 2015
I will be dedicating myself to embodying and expressing Samson in Harlots and Heresy throughout the remainder of August until the end of September, when the play launches at the Nyack Village Theater.

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