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Chronicle: October 2015 B

Mythic Physique:Fitness Quest 2015
Craft Street Fair: October 24-25, 2015
with Wine Tasting: Part B

New Recruits: Conspirators in Wellness
Dedicated to Keeping Tenafly Healthy

Did you know that aside from being the Patron of Heroic Endeavor, Strength and Exercise, the Roman Hercules was also the Patron of Merchants and Travelers? 

The Quest Continues! To get involved please contact Hercules at (201) 561-5978 or


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Paul McGovern

The Bamboo Clothing Company

(732) 682-7320

Jun Kim & Jona

Simple Acupuncture

(201) 658-4225

Sevryn Shelesky & Lyin Fihs

Thomaston Feed Pet Food

(201) 358-2627

Martin Markowitz & Phyllis Shapiro

e-go bikes

(866) 481-3476 X 102

Conciergent Care

(201) 301-5432

Pema Chen 

Pema Chen Acupuncture

(201) 982-1983