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Chronicle: July/August 2015 Week 5
Mythic Physique:Fitness Quest 2015
An Age of Heroes Initiative

Did you know that hot springs were considered especially therapeutic by the Healers of Hercules? They operated several health spas in antiquity, their most famous one being at Thermopylae, which literally means 'Hot Springs'. 

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Wednesday 7/29/15
At the end of September 2015 I'll be playing Samson in Harlots and Heresy, a play by Isabel Merians at the Nyack Village Theater. This elevates my motivation to succeed in Fitness Quest 2015 to a whole new level. Today sped by quickly, lots of creative activity (writing a grant for Robotics and helping to plan a Golf Tournament), interspersed with awesomely grueling workouts. 


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Thursday 7/30/15
The Tenafly Rotary Club will be holding its Annual Fight LGL Leukemia Golf Tournament this September. Though not a golfer, I am truly honored to be a part of that. The Rotary is an eclectic gathering of dedicated, creative, intelligent, socially conscious and otherwise awesome individuals. 

Friday 7/31/15
Meditation, followed by Qi Gong in the Park, followed by meetings, followed by exercise... the day was eventful and moved several of my projects forward quite a bit. I'm psyched about the Samson gig as I have yet to 'live out' that particular cultural iteration of my operant archetype. It has certainly fueled by workouts. I was looking forward to my second session all day long. My meditations have gotten more focused as well.  

Saturday 8/1/15
If you're enjoying Tenafly's Summer Concerts on Tuesday and Thursday nights (I know that I certainly am) you'll love what's coming to our starting today with the Cresskill Library. I'm loving the more intense workouts, started Totem Quest: Path of the Lion today as well!


Sunday 8/2/15
Lots of web-work, working out and meditating, interspersed with chores. The day sped by super-fast. 

Monday 8/3/15
Intense workouts, deep meditations, and perhaps some other venues to portray Samson. Stocked up on food items for my more focused diet, which will begin on August 12th, the first day of the Hercules Invictus festival in ancient Rome.   

Tuesday 8/4/15
Qi Gong in the Park was cancelled, worked out and meditatated at home. Later in the day: rehearsal for the Samson role. Athena is the Goddess in the play, it is great to be working together creatively in this way.