Mythic Physique:Fitness Quest 2015
An Age of Heroes Initiative
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Monday June 29, 2015

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Tenafly Public Library

100 Riveredge Road 

Tenafly, NJ 07670

(201) 568-8650

Would you like to feel better? Lose some weight? Build more muscle? Quit a harmful habit?  Become more active or energetic? Learn to relax?

Have you tried popular diets or exercise programs before, only to give up on them in frustration? Or found that they didn't work for you? Do you have a list of reasons why you shouldn't, or can't get healthier?

Join Hercules Invictus, a Conspirator in Wellness for the Tenafly Mayors Wellness Campaign and Vice President of Education and Training Development at Charles Atlas, Ltd ®, at the Tenafly Public Library on June 29th to explore how your individual quest for wellness can benefit not only yourself, but our greater human community. 

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Chronicle: June 2015


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In Preparation: Saturday 6/27/15
More meditation, visualization. affirmation and increased body movement. Stretching, flexing and posing. Anchoring the images that are in my mind's eye and weaving them into the fabric of my being. I am psyched to start on Monday after the public launch in the MacCandless Room of the Tenafly Library. I started reading over Lesson One of the Charles Atlas  ® course and refamiliarizing myself with the subtleties of each movement. We've been stocking up on the types of food I can eat as well. While on my wanderings, I participated in a Qi Gong activity conducted by Be Well Oriental Medicine in Huyler Park. Though brief, it was very relaxing and centering. I learned of several new ways to work with chi.  

In Preparation: Sunday 6/28/15
In addition to the exercises, Lesson One contains some habits I need to reinforce, and attitudes I need to reintegrate. Today I started focusing on these and did a practice run of the movements. This felt so good that I did it again before retiring. I guess that I've unofficially started. 

In Preparation: Monday 6/29/15
I started my morning by performing all the Dynamic Tension ® and supplemental exercises in Lesson One. The rest of the day was spent gathering potential Conspirator recruits for the Mayors Wellness Campaign and preparing for tonight's presentation. Before retiring: another circuit of Lesson One.


Qi Gong in Huyler Park with Instructor Joseph Kuppelmeyer of Be Well Oriental Medicine

In Preparation: Tuesday 6/30/15
An eventful day filled, alas. with not-fitness-related activities..Nonetheless, I'm right on track with my self-selected path to a greater level of wellness. Onwards!

Also On: Tuesday 6/30/15
In the Childrens Room at the Tenafly Public Library, 11:00 - 11:45 AM Shared Yoga Story Time, a Mommy and Me activity.

In Preparation: Thursday 6/25/15
I have started easing out of my habitual exercise routines in preparation for Fitness Quest 2015. A hard copy of the Charles Atlas ® course has been printed out in preparation of my taking The Challenge. Over the years, the twelve-week routine has become like an old friend. Various versions of the diet that works best for me are piled on the end-table near my bed. I have begun spending more time in quiet contemplation, meditating, envisioning what I hope to accomplish during the next three months. This year, my annual rededication to building a Mythic Physique, heretofore private, has become very public. I spoke about it briefly, and invited people to get involved, at the weekly Tenafly Rotary Club meeting. I am fortunate to live in a town that is committed to health and fitness.

In Preparation: Friday 6/26/15
The Argonautika, more commonly called the Voyage of Jason and the Argonauts, is one of my life's Guiding Myths and the legend that frames all of my Age of Heroes Initiatives. I have been weaving this myth into my presentations, recruiting local heroes to accompany me on this adventure. Our prize, our Golden Fleece as it were: the attainment of Optimal Wellness. Today I walked for a while, did a lot of stretching, and started tensing and relaxing my muscles at random points throughout the day.    .