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Let it be known on Mount Olympus,

And throughout the Realms of the Wandering Stars,

That this mortal endeavor, devoted to cultivating wellness,

Is lovingly dedicated to Leonidas, the Lion of Norfolk.

Though his earthly sojourn was brief, lasting but one hundred days, 

and his circle of influence small, he brought his family, and all those 

He touched, great joy and left them with many treasured memories. 

He blesses them yet, for he lives on in their hearts and minds.


Alas, the wider world was deprived of all his unrealized potentials.

Without the expression of his unique perspectives and talents,

We are all poorer. His divine gifts will never brighten our day,

Or lighten our load. 

But all is not lost, for the Lion can still touch us, reach out and

Inspire us, remind us that life is, for everyone, never as long as 

We'd like it to be; and that each moment is precious and not to be Squandered. We can best honor the Lion by living fully and well.

Let us honor the Lion of Norfolk by excelling in this challenge!

Let us actualize our potentials, share our talents and express our views, Let us all seek, recognize, cultivate and apply our divine gifts, 

To the betterment of all, in fond remembrance of the Lion of Norfolk.

Hercules Invictus  


Larger Than Life Living in the World Today

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