Mythic Physique:Fitness Quest 2015

I am honored to be a resident of Tenafly, a borough in Bergen County that is dedicated to enhancing the quality of our lives by promoting health, fitness and an active lifestyle.

Mayor Peter Rustin powerfully reaffirmed this commitment when he joined the Mayors Wellness Campaign (MWC), an initiative of the NJ Health Care Quality Institute, in July of 2012.

In March of 2014, less than two years later, Tenafly was officially recognized as a New Jersey Healthy Town by the MWC.

Not content to rest upon their laurels, Mayor Rustin and his Council have maintained an open dialogue on health related issues, and have launched a website, which can be accessed through the link on the left, the image above and the logo below. They have also sounded the call for public and private donors, partners, conspirators and volunteers. 

Many local residents, organizations and businesses have already responded to this call and are now actively engaged in making Tenafly an even healthier place to live.

Inspired by their noble efforts, I resolved to get personally involved by dedicating time and energy toward further actualizing our Mayor's lofty visions for our collective wellbeing.

In June 2015 I explored how my annual practice of reaffirming my commitment to building a more Mythic Physique could benefit and serve the needs of my local community. By month's end, I had become a Conspirator of Wellness, actively engaged in building a healthier Tenafly. Since then, our Mayor helped spearhead a NJ MWC pilot program called Conversations of a Lifetime, which assists residents, their families and health care providers with more effectively dialoguing during the difficult process of end-life planning, Tenafly has also raised the minimal legal age allowing the purchace of tobacco products to 21.

I am honored to announce that I am now a Champion of Wellness.

If you live in or near Tenafly, I suggest you check the MWC Website and our local newspapers quite often. Mayor Rustin and his Council, CWA Trop, and the awesome people and businesses that comprise our borough always have something healthy going on, or in the works.  


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Mayor Peter Rustin and Chief Wellness Advocate Carl Trop 

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The Mayors Wellness Campaign is a New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute program that provides NJ Mayors with the platform and tools they need to make their communities healthier places to live. You can find out more about the MWC program by clicking on the NJHCQI logo above or the NJ MWC Menu link on the left.