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Tenafly Cares About Wellness!

The Tenafly Rotary Club demonstrates its care for the residents of Tenafly, and the greater human community, through the Annual Fight LGL Leukemia Golf Tournament.

This event, now in its third year, is dedicated to Tenafly Rotary President Gerald Koch's eldest grandson, who was diagnosed with LGL Leukemia, a rare bone-marrow cancer.

The Tenafly Rotary also supports The Gift of Life Foundation, which brings open heart surgery to children in need, and continues a 46 year tradition of annually welcoming new Teachers to Tenafly.

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The Tenafly Library, which has always played a key role in the development of our Borough, provides easy access to a wealth of information on wellness in a variety of formats. As a member of BCCLS its reach extends throughout Bergen County, and beyond.

In addition, the Tenafly Library hosts numerous health related programs and presentations that demonstrate their firm commitment to keeping Tenafly fit, healthy and feeling optimally well.

Recently scheduled wellness activities include Checking Your Blood Pressure, Yoga Story Time... and the launch of Fitness Quest 2015

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Womrath's, Tenafly's friendly neighborhood independent bookstore, certainly cares about our collective wellness.

Aside from carrying a wide variety of health and fitness related books, owner Robert Kutlik is firmly commited to supporting Tenafly's 'New Jersey Healthy Town' status by hosting or sponsoring wellness related events.

If you have a Book Club, you can earn discounts by registering it on the Womrath's website, and via Booktalk Nation, also on their site, you can connect with your favorite authors.

Inspired by the opportunity offered by Robert, I will be forming a Wellness Book Club in the near future. Would anyone care to join in on the fun? 

Robert has been a staunch supporter of our Mayors Wellness Campaign to help build a healthier, and happier, Tenafly since the program first launched in 2012. 

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Paulie's Pizzeria is under New Management and, though just recently launched, has already created quite a buzz.

Owner Ramzi Awar has commited himself to contributing towards a healthier Tenafly by adding a variety of fresh vegetable salad items to his menu.  

There were several delicious dishes that satisfied the requirements of my paleo-style diet as well.

Ramzi is joining our Mayors Wellness Campaign and is determined to be a positive force in Tenafly's trek toward optimal wellness. 

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Tenafly Rotary Club 

Tenafly Public Library 

Paulie's Pizzeria


The Tenafly Chamber of Commerce (TCOC) plays a vital role in maintaining the overall wellness of our community. And not just economically, but physically, mentally and spiritually as well. During the course of Fitness Quest 2015 I witnessed first-hand the phenomenal extent to which the TCOC supports our Borough's many businesses in all their efforts to provide quality goods and services to the residents of Tenafly.

Many of these businesses provide us with the tools we need to succeed in our Quest for Optimal Wellness. You will be meeting quite a few of them in these pages as our Quest continues. The TCOC also sponsors, or assists in, the many outdoor and indoor town-wide activities that make Tenafly such a great place to live. I am proud to be a member of the TCOC and cannot praise it highly enough.

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I Care Eye Care

I Care Eye Care truly does care about improving Tenafly's ability to enjoy our world through healthy eyes with optimal vision.

Their Optometric Physicians provide full, comprehensive eye examinations, and manage a wide variety of health conditions, including: glaucoma, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy. 

I Care Eye Care offers many other services as well, including an Optical Boutique. Informative Eye Care classes are currently under development 

Dr. Rena Moy-Chang was recruited into our Conspiracy as she is currently hard at work earning her Masters Degree in Ocular Nutrition to provide more comprehensive eye care to the residents of Tenafly. 

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