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Chronicle: October 2015 A

Mythic Physique:Fitness Quest 2015
An Age of Heroes Initiative
My theatrical adventures as Samson on hiatus, for the nonce, I resumed my role as the Tenafly Chamber of Commerce's Herald for New Business, gave a few talks on Mythic and Metaphysical topics, started a new fitness regimen using The Purposeful Primitive as a guide, and launched Star Center Atlantis. I also resumed my tasks as a Conspirator in Wellness for the Mayor's Wellness Campaign. The Craft Street Fair provided me with an excellent opportunity to spread some awareness and recruit some new Conspirators.

Craft Street Fair: October 24-25, 2015
with Wine Tasting: Part A

It was great to see fellow TMWC Conspirators Gavin and Linda Armstrong of Shukokai Karate and Pure Love Energy. The months have flown since our last encounter!

Fellow TMWC Conspirator Irene Hong from Be Well Oriental Medicine was also present, inviting the folks of Tenafly to try Acupuncture for FREE on Fridays. 

I greatly miss the QiGong in the Park program that BWOM ran in Huyler Park in July and August.

It was a lot of fun and taught me new ways to raise my body-awareness and energy. 

As there was a fair amount of traffic, and their stores had customers, I did not get to personally touch base with the following TMWC Conspirators, though it was great to see their establishments all open for business and serving our community's Wellness needs through their quality offerings:
Chez Cheese Weight Loss Buddy    Healthway Natural Foods  Womrath's
Pat Lamson             Joey Dweck Khalid Monsoor  Robert Kutlik
Ramzi Awar Dr. Rena Moy-Chang
Paulie's Pizzeria       I Care Eye Care
Project Graduation 2016

Project Graduation 2016 combines fine dining with supporting the graduation plans of our local High School students.

For $15 you can purchase a card to demonstrate your support and save 10% off your meals. There are many local restaurants from which to choose.

We have requested, and will post, additional details, including contact information.
This Month's Heroic Endeavor:

Thanks to my wonderful wife Athena for taking almost all of the photos on these pages!

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