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Yasou Mykonos 

Yasou Mykonos, located in downtown Demarest, has been a Healthy Choice Partner of the Tenafly Mayors Wellness Campaign since 2012. In fact, they proudly display the TMWC: HCP logo on their menus.

My entire family loves eating at Yasou Mykonos, and we do so quite often. The food is healthy, delicious, and authentically Greek! The ambiance is also quite authentic and the service is exemplary!

My personal favorite: Grilled souvlaki on a stick with salad instead of fries accompanied by an icy-cold glass of water with a lemon wedge. As an occasional treat: an icy-cold glass of visinada or a serving of home-made Greek yoghurt (chocolate with visino).

To learn more about Yasou Mykonos, please click on the icons or Menu link, all to the left.  

Manager Scott A. Newton reaffirms Yasou Mykonos' commitment to keeping Tenafly, Demarest, Bergen County - and beyond - well fed and very happy through the healthy choices on their menu.  

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