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Chronicle: July 2015 Week 4

Mythic Physique:Fitness Quest 2015

Did you know that in antiquity Hercules was honored in gymnasiums? His muscular statues served to inspire those who were working out. Apollo, Hermes and other athletic Olympians were also honored in gyms.

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Wednesday 7/22/15 

Week Four begins! My twice-daily Charles Atlas ® regimen continues, with the addition of five reps to each exercise. Aside from meditating and walking, my workouts were moved to later in the day. They were so intense that I'll definitely be feeling it tomorrow. My sensitivity to milk products continues so I started experimenting with a protein powder made from eggs. When my whey powders run out, I will most likely not be replacing them.   

Thursday 7/23/15 

Aside from exercise and my Time Travel Faire related activities, today I attended a Tenafly Rotary meeting (where I had lunch and interacted with an awesome collection of local individuals) and moderated a Center for the Study of Living Myth session with the topic Mythic Gods in Modern Times (where I connected with even more awesome people). All in all an awesome day!

Friday 7/24/15 

My morning routines, then Qi Gong in the Park. I completed several of our Olympian Workshop categories online and started spreading the word about our offerings. Lots of very interesting opportunities presented themselves over the past few days, several of them greatly focusing me on my Quest for Optimal Wellness. 

I'm slowly eliminating even more from my diet and continue experimenting with supplements. Started reviewing CA Lessons Four and Five in preparation for the new cycle starting next week. Nightly routines, then bed. 

Saturday 7/25/15 

Lots of exercise, good food and web-work. The day sped by and, before I knew it, it was time to go to bed. Yikes! Today's high points: pockets of brief quality time with my family. 

Sunday 7/26/15 

This morning, after my meditations, I committed to beginning a new Totem Quest in the Fall of 2015. I will be strengthening the leonine traits in my character to become much more effective in my various Quests. I will be using the book To Walk With Lions and starting with the quality of Determination. 

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Monday 7/27/15 

Week Four ends on the morrow!  Today I worked out thrice and rested a great deal in between. Of course resting my body didn't stop me from challenging my mind, so today was a productive day all and all. My dairy is now restricted to cheese, an occasional yoghurt and some whey protein in my almond milk. Awesome meditation sessions today as well!  


Tuesday 7/28/15 

My morning meditations went well. Qui Ging in the Park was cancelled. I felt a bit stiff from yesterday's triple workout, but focusing on the universal life energu (Qui, Chi, Ki) during my solo morning workout helped a great deal. Another busy and productive day, which ended as it began... with working out.  

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