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Christopher the Pious

American Hellenist

Chris Aldridge is an American Hellenist, priest, published writer, historian, mythologist, theologian, philosopher, the founder of his own Hellenic temple, and an environmentalist. He was born in Asheboro, North Carolina in November 1984.
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Gabri'El Alice Fritsch Stollman

Artist, Seeker

Grew up in Astoria, Queens, and educated in NYC public schools through my first Master's degree. Taught English in JHS and SHS. Married and had 2 children. Studied Middle East Dancing and performed with troupes. Returned to school for a second Masters Degree then worked in the domestic violence field. Studied spirituality with a gifted teacher who I miss and think of every day. Still studying and seeking to become the best i can be with a desire to develop courage and an awareness of the "other 98%"!


Ivan Szendro

Artist, Shaman

Hi, I am a from-city-boy-to-healer-shaman. In Hungary during a flood in my youth I was helpingĀ  in the rescuing of an ancient village . The only thing I could help rescue was a shamanic myth of the village. It was without a hero, and it became my lifetime riddle-task to find a hero to that village and to its legend who can rebuild them again. A healing-hero within me and in others.




My life's work has been given direction by robotics. Invention in the way that only the master of lightning could have lead us towards. The goal is simple, to use the creations of man to help mother nature heal herself. Using impliments commonly available to the average citizen, I am on quest to show everyone this can be done by anyone. Nested along the wasatch mountains south of the capitol city of Utah. I teach a small group called "The Light Club" in order to further the idea of eco-symbiosis. We further this with the teachings of druid craft. And I help bring it to today's age with the maker movement. By educating all on how to make small steps toward perfection. And to refine their ideas to help the average person live more in tune with the world and nature. I strongly believe we can create a better world for all. Moving forward with the knowledge of the past, we can fix the present for the creation of a brighter future.