Mount Olympus Presents:

The Quest for the Golden Fleece


The Quest for the Golden Fleece, our current Age of Heroes initiative, is the ultimate Intrafaith/Interfaith adventure. As in the Argonaut expedition of old, the children of different (and sometimes warring) Gods are partnering with exceptional mortals (some of whom defy or deny the Gods) to face great challenges and accomplish something that will improve the human condition we all share.

Our current challenge is to exercise our spiritual freedom and celebrate our diversity in spiritual expression whilst focusing our collective and individual attention, energy, resources and creativity on better meeting universal human needs on this world.

The Voyage of the Argo has been the Guiding Myth of our Age of Heroes initiatives since their inception. and our current Voyage of the Argo is the next step of the ever-unfolding Elysium Project and Atlantis Project.

My recent Rotarian Odyssey saw the creation of the VOICE OF OLYMPUS e-radio show on the Spiritual Unity Radio Network (SURN) and the beginnings of Mount Olympus' current Intrafaith/Interfaith Dialogue.

This Quest for the Golden Fleece Age of Heroes initiative officially began on 12/26/16 during Episode 42 of the VOICE OF OLYMPUS.

To learn more about these earlier adventures, please click on Olympian Path in the menu links on the left.

Note: Although Atalanta and Medea were the only female Argonauts we know of from the ancient tales, our Quest for the Golden Fleece has always, and will always, welcome female Argonauts.

Also: Although the original Argonauts were mostly Greek, we welcome our Argonauts to celebrate their own ancient heritage while adventuring on the Argo.

If you find resonance with this Call to Adventure and desire to be an Interfaith Argonaut or Interfaith Panelist, please contact us via the menu link to the left.

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