Mount Olympus Presents:

II: With their Blessing

The Olympians are eager for their personal favorites to join the Voyage of the Argo. Both Hera and Athena, the Divine Patrons of this Quest, have firm ideas about who in the hero community qualifies. Dare you enter their contest to win their favor, and a seat on the Argo?

The Crystal of Kronos: Hercules has left for Iolcos and the new Oracle provides a much needed Olympian insight. Daedalus, favored of Poseidon, and his Minotaur Automaton fight the serpentine First Ones to claim a fragment of the Crystal of Kronos, an ancient artifact. Daedalus earns the approval of Athena and Hera, but more Tests await him until he is allowed to represent Poseidon in the Quest for the Golden Fleece.

Note: With Their Blessing is inspired by settings and situations found in the Mythos RPG published by Mystical Throne EntertainmentMythos creator Gilbert Gallo will be personally participating in our Mythos inspired Stand Alones (from Italy) by providing us with original Mythos Omens and Prophesies to help guide our games.

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The Quest for the Golden Fleece

Mythic Adventure: Preludes II