Mount Olympus Presents:

The Quest for the Golden Fleece

Comic Books

Issue One:

The city-state of Iolcus is seized by King Aeson's charismatic half-brother. The Royals are exiled. Twenty years later, the ward of an old centaur discovers his true name and uncovers his hidden heritage. En route to claiming his birthright Jason loses a sandal and becomes the chosen instrument of Heaven's Queen.

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(c) 1975-2017 Hercules Invictus


Issue Two:

Jason, originally named Diomedes, is recognized as the son of Aeson and true heir to the throne. It is also suspected that he is the Half-Shod hero of prophesy who will destroy Pelias the tyrant. Jason is reunited with his father and manipulated by his uncle into publicly vowing to win the Golden Fleece and bring it to Iolcus.

Issue Three:

As the Argo is being built heroes gather from all over Greece to join the crew. Heracles, Orpheus, Castor and Polydeuces, Atalanta, King Theseus of Athens and many others, including Pelias' son-in-law Admetus. Half of those assembled wish the legendary Hercules to lead the expedition, but he declines in favor of Jason.