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Alden Morris
Writer/Content Researcher/Ancient Spiritual Reconstructionist
In order to begin my story I first have to mention my ancestry. My entire upbringing I was submersed in 24/7 cultural knowledge by my grandmother and understood very early in age that my Greek ancestors stood out within me most.  As an early adult I redefined my spiritual understanding of the world around me by adopting the beliefs of my ancient Greek ancestors in every aspect of life; including economically, politically and of course morally. To accept the cultural lifestyle of my ancestry also forced me through a transition of mental and spiritual purgatory from a monotheistic jealous, spiteful deity.  The transition I learned was natural for everybody maturing from a monotheistic to a polytheistic understanding.  With intense research, investigation and of course financial investment in pursuant of books, courses and advanced learning I became to be confident in not just myself but that my ancestral gods were all around me at all times.  With the help of individuals who underwent the same transformation with their Norse ancestry, I began to adopt both teachings and respectfully intertwine both sects of knowledge as a means to include all the different bloodlines that brought me here today that can be traced within my veins.  Find work by Alden Morris on Survival Life, YouTube, Natural News, Survivalist Daily and Gun Carrier.  

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Tina Mae Chandler
Roller Derby Queen
When I was asked to write this biography by Hercules.  I really thought I knew where to start.  I suppose at the beginning and we’ll see where it goes.
Born in San Bernadino, California in 1968 to Bob and Betty Perkins, a twin sister and an older sister. We were quite the surprise to our mother for she had miscarried a set of twin boys prior to becoming pregnant with us.  The Goddess was DETERMINED she would have twins! Bobby had retired from service to the USAF while in California.  He soon relocated his family to Fort Myers, Florida, wanting to enjoy the growth of the southwest Florida area, working as a mechanical contractor, then moving up to become a plumbing inspector for the City of Fort Myers and helping to advance and improve building and plumbing codes all over the state of Florida, especially after the devastation caused by Hurricane Andrew.
Betty was a full-time mother, teacher and business owner.  She believed in a healthy education for her girls, teaching them to read and comprehend what they read before they reached Kindergarden. Summer times were filled with education. She believes in a healthy body followed a healthy mind, and empty hands were the ‘devil’s workshop.’ She was involved in PTA, Girl Scouts and Mothers on Patrol. 
But this story is about me, I guess.  I can’t involve what I do unless I talk about my parents.  Learning to read and comprehend at an early age, I remember when we were asked to come read to the higher grades and explaining what we read.  My earliest memories are of the local skating rink, where I didn’t want to hang onto the railings, I was out with the big fish and if I fell, so what?  The second memory I have is in Kindergarden on a wet day and the teacher was showing a film on ancient Egypt and Greece.  I saw the pictures and was captivated.  I wanted to learn all about those ancient times and places.  I began to read fables, myths and history of ancient lands, trying to act them out as well.
Subsequently, I began to question what I was learning in my church.  My grandmother insisted that Tammy (my twin) and I attend Sunday School and church.  (Southern Baptist) My parents never had to go, just us.  It seemed to me that there had to be more than just God out there.  I asked about Isis, Gaea, Hercules, etc.  I was told that nothing like that existed before the Bible.  One of the ten commandments were. “thou shalt have no other gods before ME” and that the people who lived before Christ came to Earth all were in Hell. Well that didn’t make any sense to me, there was history involved.  I also got in trouble with my mother for building an altar to mourn the death of Anwar Sadat in Egypt.  Mom told me that myths and fables were just that, make believe.  She even sent us to a Baptist private school when the bullying I was undergoing in school went too far.  My questions still went with me.  Unlike the children praying to God in chapel, I prayed to more than that.  I didn’t know what yet, but I knew it was out there. The bullying didn’t stop in the “Christian” school.  In fact, it amplified.
In high school, we were transferred out into a public school and I was reawakened back to the world of the independent thinker.  I excelled in history, civics, art, band and thought about a career as an archaeologist.  I was introduced to the works of Silver Ravenwolf, Raymond Buckland, Gerald Gardner, Marcus Aurelius, Cicero, Cato by the librarian who wanted to help satisfy my thirst for knowlege.  I felt reborn.  There WAS something more out there.
After graduating high school in 1986, I meandered for a while, occasionally volunteering for digs in Estero and Naples, marrying, having a child and divorcing, until I discovered my talent in medical assisting, graduating in 2003 from Hodges University Sum Cum Laude.  I worked in an ER, Urgent Care Center and to my passion, asthma and allergy.  I also discovered a love of teaching patients about how to manage their care. I also rediscovered myself as well metaphysically, becoming a student with the Correllian Nativist Tradition working on my first degree.
During this time, I started to take Reiki lessons to augment the natural gift of healing I had been given by God/dess. In the state of Florida, you need to be an ordained minister to provide Reiki and the Universal Life Church allowed me to become ordained.  I provide pagan counseling and rituals for weddings, passings and other life milestones. I plan to establish a Correllan Nativist Tradition shrine after obtaining my High Priestesshood.
I also taught at Heritage Institute as a CMA educator. Other teachers used to bring me in for my lectures on the History of Medicine as well as discussions on ‘esoteric’ medicines and respecting religion and religious practices in medicine.
I also remarried and had two other children.  Both of these children are special needs children (ADHD/Autism) as they are on opposite ends of the autism spectrum so I am working on becoming their advocate in school and the outside world.  I also became involved in feral feline rescue and other animal rescues as well.  I’ve rescued cats, dogs, ferrets, birds and either found homes of them or supported them as they found their way to the Rainbow Bridge.  Due to the needs of my children, I had to leave my full-time job with Heritage.   I work now two part-time jobs, one at a restaurant and the other at a local skating rink. Even there I find opportunities to teach.  (I believe I “walking the talk”.)  I teach beginning skating and still tutor on my favorite subjects, history, religion, literature.  When I have nothing better to do (HA!) I find myself picking up my knitting needles, writing, or skating and announcing with the local roller derby. 

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