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Robin Albright McKean – Power, HPs is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and has been on her spiritual path for over 30 years. She has her Reiki II attunement and is a practicing healer and spiritual counselor. Currently you can hear her on Spiritual Unity Radio Network on Every Thursday she co-hosts Terry’s and Robin’s Power Houron Tuesday and Under a Shady Tree with Terry and Robin on Thursdays. She is the president and co-founder of Woven Roots, a pagan social networking group located in NJ. In 2009 Robin received her 3rd degree in the Mystic Trad Coven at Owl Mountain.  She was a founding member and HPS of the Mid-Atlantic Pagan Alliance (1997-2006) and led monthly open full moon rituals on the beach in NJ for 10 years. Robin has been teaching workshops at various events up and down the east coast for over 20 years. From 1981 to 1983, Robin was a professional Dominatrix at a NYC night club called Les Scene. Currently she lives on 7 beautiful acres on Owl Mountain in Pennsylvania with her daughter Persephone and husband Terry Power.

Rev. Terry Power, HP has been a legally recognized pagan reverend for over 25 years. He is owner and the guiding force behind Spiritual Unity Radio Network, which will celebrate its 2nd year anniversary on the air in June. Along with Robin, he hosts Terry’s and Robin’s Power Hour on Tuesday nights and Under a Shady Tree with Terry and Robinon Thursdays. Before starting his own radio network, Terry was a long time host with numerous shows on the Pagans Tonight Radio Network, including the Pagan Priest Show. Terry is a member of the Correllian Nativist Tradition and has authored many of their written works including The Correllian Creed. He was recently published in The Common Book of Witchcraft and Wicca from the Ancestorswith articles “A Commentary on the Correllian Creed” and “A Commentary on the Nine Virtues.” Terry has been writing articles for many years in various publications, you may have seen one such series he wrote for the Dayton Area Pagan Network Newsletter, titled; A Spellcrafters Perspective. He was HP for many rituals in the early days of Our Haven. Terry has been woodworking and crafting  magickal and personal items from various materials for several decades.

Terry and Robin have brought together their considerable combined knowledge and spiritual experience to found Mystic Trad at Owl Mountain Coven G2.  The coven is dedicated to preserving the lessons taught to Robin and Terry by Owl, (Jacci Sutton) from whom Robin has been blessed to have been taught by for over 18 years.  They also have founded Little Stone Bridge Pathworkings, their spiritual consulting/life coaching company, which focuses on self-improvement as a way to improve the world around us and thereby live happier healthier lives. Robin and Terry are recently married and are looking forward to adventuring down this journey together and raising Persephone in a loving home.

Terry Power & Robin A. McKean

High Priest & High Priestess

Age of Heroes Initiative

The Elysium Project

Creating the Best of All Worlds

The Quest for the Golden Fleece

Intrafaith/Interfaith Argonauts IV

Linda Marciniak has been Reaching and Teaching for over 30 years. She started  her career as a Licensed  Clinical Social Worker counseling those struggling with profound mental illness, including those found guilty by reason of insanity. She worked to support the newly deinstitutionalized in returning to their homes and resuming life in their communities.  Linda saw the ravages of mental illness on both her clients and their families.  She became an Adjunct Professor and shared her insights with her students, and continues to grow her Private Practice working with Individuals,  Families and Groups.  Her unique brand of counseling encorporates her knowledge of the Chakras and allows her to reach deeply with her clients, gently opening and healing the  ancient patterns of thought and emotion that impact their behavior.

  Personally, her Spiritual Path summoned her to do more. To strive to Empower and Encourage Spiritual Healing on the Path of Self Enlightenment.  She began her studies and was initiated into the Celtic Lineage of Witchcraft. She is currently the Resident Priestess of The Amber Dragon her beloved Metaphysical Shop and Center.  Linda's Love of exploring Synchronicity lead her to study many ancient beliefs, she found Buddhism resonated well and has incorporated many aspects of Eastern Philosophy in her work.  As an Ordained Reverend and Reiki Master Linda offers many opportunities to her community to Journey with her towards Peace and Relaxation.  She offers Classes, Readings and Life Coaching to All who Seek to Connect and Rediscover Their True Spiritual Path.

Linda Marciniak

Resident Priestess/Ordained Minister/Reiki Master


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