Mount Olympus Presents:

I: The Centaur's Cave

The Challenge: All of Cheiron the Centaur's charges wish to join Jason, a fellow student until very recently, on his epic Quest to retrieve the Golden Fleece. Cheiron does not feel that they are ready. They seek to prove him wrong by demonstrating their prowess through athletic contests. A handful of prospective heroes decide to investigate the mystery of the silent Oracle of Gaia.

The Silent Oracle: Coming May 9, 2017

Fate of the Old Ones: Coming April 2, 2017

The students who went to investigate the Oracle of Gaia are now missing themselves!

The Inventor: Daedalus, newly exiled from Athens, offers to discover what happened to the missing Oracle of Gaia (and the pupils of Cheiron who sought to solve the mystery). Daedalus makes much progress, uncovers a trove of Atlantean technology, gains the favor of Poseidon and is granted a Minotaur Automaton. Though Hercules and a Priestess of Gaia (the new Oracle) assist him, the mystery of the missing ones remains.

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The Quest for the Golden Fleece

Mythic Adventure: Preludes I