Mount Olympus Presents:

Dear Friends,

We welcome you to join us in prayer for World Peace during our upcoming Urantia Book World-wide Prayer Circle on October 13, 2017 at 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time.  Wherever you are in the world, please say a prayer for World Peace or offer a positive thought for peace and harmony in our world.

During the prayer circle on October 13th, we will also be welcoming our Paradise Son, Maitreya for a Team Meeting.  He is working hard with his team of celestials (and mortals) for the upliftment of humanity during this current Magisterial Mission.

We will be putting up our Team Meeting of August 20, 2017 on our YouTube channel, Michael and Dianne Dunkin.  The video should be accessible on our YouTube Channel on Sunday, October 15.

Much Joy and Many Blessings,

Rev. Michael and Dianne Dunkin

Below are photographs of the Northeast corner of our upstairs “Great Room”. This is the room where we have most of our meetings with the Local Universe Father, Local Universe Mother and Infinite Mother Spirit. Sometimes they sit, stand or hover above the chairs you see in the photograph.

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Pray for World Peace


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Creating the Best of All Worlds

The Magisterial Mission and Local Universe Father's 10-year plan began on March 20, 2017. As announced on the Voice of Olympusradio program, The Magisterial Son (also known as Maitreya) has relocated to Los Angeles and will be working with accompanying 10 Melchizedeks and Archangels. The Magisterial Son has taken a Hispanic body and is taking a physical job in the political arena. The Melchizedeks, also incarnated in physical bodies and ready to assist him, will be taking physical jobs as well.

The Magisterial Mission and accompanying Local Universe Father's 10-year plan (the first 10-year phase of the 50-year Magisterial Mission) began on March 20th, 2017. For the 10-year plan, the Local Universe Father would like us to:

1. Thank the Local Universe Father 3 times a day for the precious life he has to given us,

2. Thank the Local Universe Mother 3 times a day for all of the gifts and blessings she bestows on us everyday,

3. Pray for World Peace every night.

Again, we hope you will join us on Wednesday, September 20th (9 PM Pacific Time)to say a prayer for World Peace.

Joy and Blessings,

Rev. Michael and Dianne Dunkin