Mount Olympus Presents:

The Quest for the Golden Fleece

Comic Books


Issue Four:

Orpheus relates the entire tale of the Golden Fleece to the assembled Argonauts. Jason is encouraged to back out of the expedition by his father Aeson. Pelias' son Acastus joins the expedition. The Argo sets sail and braves a great storm. Tempers flare, especially between Heracles and Theseus. The Argo finds itself in the shadow of Mount Olympus.

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Issue Five:

As they approach Mount Olympus, the Argonauts encounter an ascetic spiritual sect that is not what it seems. Separating the Argonauts, disarming them and offering them enlightenment, they are revealed to be children of Lycaon, werewolves cursed by the gods. The Argonauts fight and defeat them, then decide to visit the Olympians.

Alas, the tale ends here. What Jason and his Argonauts discover as they attempt to scale Greece's holiest mountain is a tale that has yet to be revealed.