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The Quest for the Golden Fleece


A woman dressed in black emerges from the sea and speaks to an Athenian King in a boat. In exchange for her tale he offers her refuge in his city.

In Corinth King Creon wishes to wed his daughter Glauce to the former leader of the Argonaut expedition. Jason has two sons with Medea, who helped him win the fabled Fleece, but their fiery passion has long since turned to stone-cold hatred.

To prevent problems at the wedding, King Creon personally exiles Medea and her children from his kingdom. With reservations, he grants her the extra day she requests. Jason visits and tries to convince her that his actions are all in her best interest, and that of their children. She doesn't buy it.

She encounters the Athenian King Aigius and helps him unravel an oracular utterance. She promises him the children he can not have. He promises her a place on his vessel and in his home.

Medea urges Jason to keep their sons, and he reluctantly agrees to try. She gives him her old bridal crown as a gift for his new wife. It has been laced with deadly poison.

Jason's horse dies. Glauce dies. Creon dies. All of them by the poisoned crown. Jason survives and goes after Medea, who has fled with their children.

Realizing what must be, her eldest boy helps her kill the youngest then asks for her assistance with killing himself. Jason, on horseback, in armor and accompanied by two large dogs finds their corpses hanging from a tree.

Fields of grain, trickling waters, sunshine... the Golden Fleece! Stillness and frantic activity... life goes on. This Danish film, which covers most of the myths associated with Jason and Medea through subtitled narration is based on the play by Euripedes and was very symbolic, dream-like and brilliantly done.


Hercules Invictus

Note: There are several scenes with brief nudity in this film.

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