Mount Olympus Presents:

Poking on Facebook

Blessed are all who engage in Poking! I see Poking as a way of sharing Olympian Blessings with all my Facebook Friends and those they hold most dear. Poking is also meant to circulate energy and support our collective Prayers for each other and for those we care about! I proudly proclaim all who engage in this activity Celestial Warriors of Mount Olympus! Olympian Blessings for Bright New Beginnings to all who Poke!

Starting in January 2017, those who have personally crossed the Threshold of Two Thousand Pokes will be hailed as Argonauts. And Olympian Blessings shall extend beyond our Facebook community to include all positive Intrafaith and Interfaith endeavors.

Even if you're not striving to reach high numbers, each and every one of your Pokes counts as a show of confidence and moral support. Thank you very much for Poking! We value your continued Friendship and goodwill very highly and welcome your participation in all our adventures!


Diane Griffiths 1/27/17

Rod Glant 1/27/17

Mary Hobby 3/21/17

To Participate: Friend Hercules Invictus and Poke!

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