Mount Olympus Presents:

The Quest for the Golden Fleece

My Personal Quest

Aside from all the public activity, my Personal Quest for the Golden Fleece will focus on fully understanding the obscure enigma of the Purple Fleece, associated with Hercules since ancient times. Faint echoes of this mystery still resound in the present and have finally captured my attention.

My Personal Quest is, in essence, the Voyage of the Argo that Hercules himself leads to win the priceless Pelt of Krios. As it has the potential to challenge and change all of my current certainties, I do not embark on it lightly.

The Sun-Eagle remains the Keeper of the Fleece, whether Golden or Purple, and the Fleece itself has very strong Solar associations, so I begin my journey on December 25th, the date when the Sun is traditionally re-born in the Northern Hemisphere.

December 25-31, 2016

I, Argonaut: Taking Charge

In some accounts Hercules quits the Argonaut Expedition early on, in others he himself led the Voyage of the Argo. In December 2016 I claimed the Quest for the Golden Fleece as my primary focus for 2017 and committed to completing the adventure.

January 2017

Planning the Expedition

How can I take the best of everything I have ever accomplished and surpass it? How can I teach the essence of all that I have ever learned and use it as a springboard into the unknown? In January 2017 I resolved to build upon all I have done before, formulate a plan of action to move past the apex of all I know, and start implementing it immediately.

February 2017

Correspondences and Reflections

If the Golden Fleece corresponds to the Golden Apples, the Golden-Antlered Hind , the Holy Grail and other solar Quest Items, what makes my life's Guiding Myth different or special?

March 2017

De-Mythologizing the Myth

What if my Guiding Myth is actually a thinly disguised description of prehistoric trading ventures? What if the Golden Fleece was a symbol for a sea creature or a gold prospector's clever tool?

April 2017

The Phoenix and the Fleece

A continuation of last month's inquiry, with a focus on the Phoenician connection to Melqart, the Hercules of Tyre, and the prosperity his purple dye bestowed upon his people.

May 2017

The Son of the Sea

An earlier, and possibly Atlantean, incarnation of Hercules is detected. He is the Son of Poseidon and has survived in several myths.What light can these shed on the riddle of the Purple Fleece?

June 2017

The Lord of the Stars

An understanding grows of the links between the Atlantean and the Phoenician incarnations of Hercules. The Bull of Heaven and the Elohim, two strong threads in the Tapestry of my Life are interwoven with this new information.

July 2017
The Son of Sun

I return to my spiritual default setting of ancient Greece and Rome, my circle of understanding greatly expanded and my soul enriched. My Personal Quest for the Golden Fleece a Success and I have begun my next Cycle of Activity!



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