Mount Olympus Presents:

The Quest for the Golden Fleece


Zeus' gift to Thessaly, the Golden Fleece, has been stolen and the wrath of Heaven's King has awakened long-dormant volcanoes that now threaten to engulf the land. King Jason and Thessaly's finest have sailed on Argus' ship to retrieve the talisman but they have been gone for over a year and everyone believes they are dead.

The King's cousin Adrastus has been charged with protecting Thessaly, Queen Creusa and the royal couple's heir, Attis. Adrastus, though he puts on a great show of being loyal, is actually two-faced, speaks with a forked tongue and thinks very highly of himself. He has plans of his own.

Meanwhile, Jason faces mutinous Argonauts, terrible sea-storms and Gaia the sorceress, who promptly transforms his crew into sheep. Overcoming these perils he then encounters a brutish cyclops in a dark cave.

His crew almost mutinies when Eurystheus, one of their number, falls in love with Atlanta, a local woman, and she stows away on the Argo. Jason must render a harsh verdict, placing the young lovers on a raft and into the hands of the Olympians. Evil mist and flames soon follow.

In Thessaly's palace there is there is dancing and feasting. Adrastus takes away Creusa's child, murders her trusted servants, then professes his undying love. He can not understand why she doesn't feel the same way.

Jason and the Argonauts reach Colchis, where Jason alone is destined to retrieve the artefact. He climbs steep sea-cliffs and a giant statue. He then wins the Golden Fleece and holds it aloft.

Zeus is pleased and puts the volcanoes back to sleep. Everyone in Thessaly notices and realize that their King is indeed alive and has succeeded in his quest. Eurystheus reaches home first with Atalanta and is spotted by the usurper's spies. Adrastus rushes to marry Creusa and orders his soldiers to slaughter Jason and his crew or he will 'kill them like dogs'!

Jason and his crew arrive in time to thwart Adrastus' vile schemes. There are lots of sword-fights and much death. Even Argonauts die, including Orfeo the musician, who longed to be reunited with his beloved Eurydice.

Once Jason has won and the Golden Fleece once again honors Zeus, Eurystheus and Atalanta marry and a new day dawns for Thessaly.


Hercules Invictus

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