Mount Olympus Presents:

The Quest for the Golden Fleece

Mythic Adventure
Mythic Adventure

Greek Mythology Role Playing Game

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Voyage of the Argo

During this ten-week adventure in Mythic Greece participants will join Jason and the Argonauts on their epic quest to win the Golden Fleece.

Chapter One: Contest of Champions

Chapter Two: Stormy Seas

Chapter Three: Island of the Amazons

Chapter Four: Riddle of the Amazons

Chapter Five: Six-Armed Savages

Chapter Six:  Friends or Foes?

Chapter Seven: The Perils of Pugilism

Chapter Eight: Harpies

Chapter Nine: The Clashing Rocks

Chapter Ten: Stymphalian Birds

Chapter Eleven: Shipwrecked Princes

Chapter Twelve: Amazon Nations

Chapter Thirteen: Challenge of the Sun King

Chapter Fourteen: The Golden Fleece

This series is based on the Argonautica by Apollonius of Rhodes

Note: Each Chapter may take more than one gaming session to complete.

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